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Barcode Definitions

Find definitions to help understand the general barcode lingo.

Barcode -
A symbol that indicates data that can be read by scanning.
Barcode Label -
Material with a adhesive backing that has a printed bar code on the face. 
Barcode Printer -
A machine used to print the actual barcode on a label or sheet.
Barcode Scanner -
A devise used to read the barcode and convert it into text for use in applications.
Barcode Symbology-
The code that is used to create the barcode from the text entered.
Barcode Software-
A program that resides on a computer or mainframe that interprets text and converts it into barcode symbols.
Direct Thermal -
The process of transferring head directly to a heat sensitive surface to make a image.
Radio Frequency Identification
RFID Reader -
A fixed or portable devise that receives the signal from the chip in the tag or label and converts it to data.
RFID Tag -
A tag or label with a chip imbedded allowing the label or tag to transmit information.
Thermal Transfer -
The process of using heat to transfer ink or resin from a ribbon onto a surface for a bond to make a image.


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