Monthly Archives: February 2008

Are There Free Printable Mailing Labels?

Is there such a thing as free printable mailing labels in the world of labels out there anywhere? Well, free is quite an adjective. The closest thing you can really get to free printable mailing labels is by printing right on your mail or envelope and not using a label at all. There is still […]

FedEx Barcode Labels, Are They Printed Custom Labels?

Many small to medium businesses are using FedEx and UPS as their preferred shipping method and the issue arises about the FedEx barcode labels from time to time. Questions like, where do I get printed custom labels for FedEx, or can you make a FedEx barcode label for us? Well this label is not a […]

Great Deal On Clearance Open Box Symbol PPT8860-R3BZ1000 Barcode Scanner

AdaZon Labels and Barcode Equipment has several open box Symbol Morotola PPT8860-R3BZ1000 barcode scanners available for immediate delivery. “Open box” just means that these scanners were brought in for a large application and right before they were installed the client chose a different unit. These units were never actually used so they are in “like […]

Are Your RFID Tags Failing or Defaulting?

Recently we had a customer call in with an issue regarding his RFID tags in their Zebra RFID printer encoder not programming and making all the tags default. What could be causing this? The first thought was that the printer was not calibrated properly. But the customer already went through the printer calibration process and […]

Custom Labels Chicago Illinois

Our Chicago Land custom label plant is ideal for the central US coverage and allows Adazon to have a reach that covers East, West, North and South in the Americas. Custom labels Chicago is equipped with presses, rewind stations, digital capabilities for variable imaging, and thermal transfer barcode printing. The demand for custom labels in […]

Tired Of Applying Hundreds Of Custom Product Labels By Hand?

If you are tired of spending your precious time and money hand applying your custom product labels, stop! The solution that will allow you to stop paying several of your employees to hand apply custom labels to your products is a label applicator. Label applicators allow people to put a quantity of labels into the […]

How To Ship Hazardous Material

There have been a lot of inquiries into how to ship hazardous material and questioning whether you can ship it at all with today’s transportation laws. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) heavily regulates the transportation of materials in the United States. The specific regulations define hazardous materials and specify how to conduct practically […]