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Are There Free Printable Mailing Labels?

Is there such a thing as free printable mailing labels in the world of labels out there anywhere? Well, free is quite an adjective. The closest thing you can really get to free printable mailing labels is by printing right on your mail or envelope and not using a label at all. There is still the cost of the toner or ink used in actually printing the mailing address.Free Printable mailing labels

Printable mailing labels come in a number of forms
. One of those forms includes the laser or inkjet printer labels. These labels are sometimes generically called Avery labels and come on a 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheet of paper with die cut labels on the sheet in many different sizes. For printable mailing labels, the most common die cut size is 1-3/4×1/2 and known as the Avery 5167. There are differences between these sheets, so make sure the sheet is designated for either a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Sometimes the laser labels will run if used in inkjet printers because the inkjet requires paper that will absorb the ink.

Another common form of printable mailing labels is Continue reading

FedEx Barcode Labels, Are They Printed Custom Labels?

Many small to medium businesses are using FedEx and UPS as their preferred shipping method and the issue arises about the FedEx barcode labels from time to time. Questions like, where do I get printed custom labels for FedEx, or can you make a FedEx barcode label for us? FedEx barcode labels, printed custom labelsWell this label is not a label that you can preorder as printed custom labels. FedEx barcode labels are generated from the on-line shipping system found at the FedEx web site or within a shipping system that is set up to ship FedEx orders.

In order to make your printed custom labels with the FedEx barcode on the labels the user must first create an account on the FedEx web site. Once an account is generated, login and create a shipment. In order to create a shipment you will need a shipping location, the weight of the package or Continue reading

Great Deal On Clearance Open Box Symbol PPT8860-R3BZ1000 Barcode Scanner

AdaZon Labels and Barcode Equipment has several open box Symbol Morotola PPT8860-R3BZ1000 barcode scanners available for immediate delivery. “Open box” just means that these scanners were brought in for a large application and right before they were installed the client chose a different unit. These units were never actually used so they are in “like brand new” condition. ppt8860r3bz1000 symbol mororola scannerWe are willing to lower the cost of these units in order to get rid of them. We are also willing to through in a free charging cradle for each unit purchased. The cradle kits include power supply and US AC line cord, which is a value of over $100.00.

These units are equipped with Continue reading

Are Your RFID Tags Failing or Defaulting?

Recently we had a customer call in with an issue regarding his RFID tags in their Zebra RFID printer encoder not programming and making all the tags default. What could be causing this? The first thought was that the printer was not calibrated properly. But the customer already went through the printer calibration process and that did not fix the problem.RFID TAGS

Lets get an understanding of the basics for RFID printing and encoding. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. There are usually 4 main devises required to create a RFID environment. The devises are the RFID Tag, The RFID printer encoder, RFID software, and a RFID reader. RFID tags are very commonly produced as a 4×6 size label that has a small chip imbedded in the label. The chip then has an antenna that reaches to each end of the label. The antenna usually reaches across the 4 inch span of the label. Now, there is a possibility that the chip in the label may not be inserted Continue reading

Custom Labels Chicago Illinois

Our Chicago Land custom label plant is ideal for the central US coverage and allows Adazon to have a reach that covers East, West, North and South in the Americas. Custom labels Chicago is equipped with presses, rewind stations, digital capabilities for variable imaging, and thermal transfer barcode printing. custom labels chicago

The demand for custom labels in Chicago is continuing to grow with all the food processing and confectionery business centralized in the central US for easy transportation around the country. Chicago is also a hot bed for manufacturers, technology, health care, distribution and many other custom label consumers like cosmetic labels in Illinois.

Custom food labels and confectionery custom labels in Chicago have a high demand for quality, and for applicators that can affix the labels to the product without smashing the contents within like bread, snack products, and cookies. Many times these labels have custom colors for branding with a logo and an area for the food business or confectionery to print a date code or ingredients that will be variable text on each label. These can be accommodated in Continue reading

Tired Of Applying Hundreds Of Custom Product Labels By Hand?

If you are tired of spending your precious time and money hand applying your custom product labels, stop! The solution that will allow you to stop paying several of your employees to hand apply custom labels to your products is a label applicator.custom product label applicators

Label applicators allow people to put a quantity of labels into the applicator and it applies these labels to the product. These applicators are easy to install and offer many accessories to choose from. One typical accessory is a choice between a table top stand that will allow the applicator to be placed on a table or a more precise H-Base stand which is designed just like the letter H allowing the stand to straddle objects.

The hand cranked height adjustable H-base stand allows for extremely precise height adjustment, while providing stability, and allowing the applicator to be used with a conveyor or other automated system. This is required if the Continue reading

How To Ship Hazardous Material

There have been a lot of inquiries into how to ship hazardous material and questioning whether you can ship it at all with today’s transportation laws. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) heavily regulates the transportation of materials in the United States. The specific regulations define hazardous materials and specify how to conduct practically every aspect of hazardous material shipping. The shipping of hazardous materials can pose a serious danger to anyone who might come in contact with the shipment. The inappropriate shipping of hazardous materials is a serious problem that can result in injury, loss of life, major fines, jail time, and damage to property. Therefore, it is critical that one carefully follow the rules so that any possible unsafe condition is minimized. The D.O.T. can and does impose severe penalties for anyone who knowingly or unknowingly violates these regulations. Packages that contain hazardous materials need to be properly labeled for shipping and the label designates the type of hazard the material presents. Hazardous material items that are commonly shipped incorrectly are aerosol cans, cosmetics, perfumes, nail polish, lipsticks, alcohol, products containing alcohol such as cleaning products and even alcoholic beverages are considered dangerous. The following are the officially designated hazard categories:·

o 1.1 – EXPLOSIVES 1.1How to ship hazardous material
o 1.2 – EXPLOSIVES 1.2
o 1.3 – EXPLOSIVES 1.3
o 1.4 – EXPLOSIVES 1.4
o 1.5 – EXPLOSIVES 1.5
o 1.6 – EXPLOSIVES 1.6
o 2.3 – POISON GAS
o 4.2 – SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTIBLE Continue reading