Monthly Archives: April 2008

Barcodes On Everything From Labels to People? Try this.

Did you know that barcodes are appearing everywhere today? There are barcodes on products, warehouse racks and even on people these days. Just take a look at this barcode maker that generates a barcode for you and allows the barcode to be downloaded as an image to your computer or allows you to put the […]

Custom Preprinted Laser Labels Help Brand My Company Image

Image is everything today. Companies want and sometimes need to have their logo make an impression and stick in the mind of their customers. How do you do this? One method is to brand your shipping labels and there are a few ways to do this. If you have a laser printer, the least expensive […]

Custom Product Labels and Printing Methods

Can you imagine a world without product labels? Bottles and cans would look pretty sparse on the shelves of grocery stores and other retail outlets. These bottles are an example of what the shelves would look like and it is not very pretty. There are many ways to make labels that can make your product […]

Garment Labels, Fabric Labels, Clothing Labels and Metal Plates

These are 2 new hot product categories we are offering at Adazon. Take a look at the new articles we have on the Fabric, Clothing and Garment Labels as well as the Metal Plates we now provide. These categories allow our customers to utilize even more labeling methods for more permanent identification. Anodized aluminum is […]