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PowerScan® Barcode Scanner Trade-up Program

PowerScan Barcode Scanners

PowerScan® Trade-up Program Replace your old PowerScan SR, HD, LR, XLR or Competitor’s Scanners and Get Up to $50 in Instant Rebates!

Replace old and out of warranty industrial handheld scanners with our new PowerScan 8300 or 8500. For every Datalogic PowerScan 8000 purchased, you will receive an instant rebate when you trade-up from a PowerScan SR, HD, LR or XLR model or a competitive industrial scanner. The rebate will be provided at the time of purchase.

Product Description – Instant Rebate Credit
POWERSCAN 8300 CRADLE BC-8030 OR BC-8060 -  $15

Terms and Conditions

Trade-up credit will be provided at the time of purchase from Datalogic Scanning.
If the purchase was made through Adazon, the trade-up rebate will be provided in the form of a credit to the customer based on sales out reporting.
Trade-up rebate cannot be used in conjunction with any additional price exceptions or other special pricing promotions.
All customer purchase orders must reference Promotion Code PR08005.
This promotion is only valid for orders shipped from May 1, 2008 through June 30, 2008 unless Datalogic Scanning is unable to meet requested ship dates.
The customer will be responsible for the removal of the old hardware from the end user site and its return to Datalogic Scanning.
If the customer fails to return the de-installed industrial scanners, Datalogic Scanning reserves the right to charge the customer for the full amount of the instant rebate credit.
Datalogic Scanning reserves the right to extend, modify or cancel this promotion at any time.
This promotion is valid in North America only.

Household Computer Labels

Computer labels have migrated to the home. Now, with printers at home delivering near-professional quality printing, using computer labels can be an everyday experience. The following are a few ways you can use computer labels around the house:

1. You can print out designer-looking labels to place on gifts for family and friends for special occasions and holidays.

2. Use computer labels on food items: now you can tell when something was opened or cooked to eliminate confusion and reduce the risk of consuming expired food.

3. A typical option: use computer labels for addressing envelopes.

4. Print out designs on labels and give them to your kids – they can use them as stickers.

5. Put your address on a label and put it on something that you don’t want to lose: your favorite book, for example. Type “If found, please return to:” and list your address to increase your chances of it being returned to you.

There are lots of other ways to use computer labels. Like anything, all it takes is a little imagination, and you can come up with ways to save time and money while simplifying life around the house.

If you really want to get fancy with color labels then try the color label printer by Primera that can make full color stickers and address labels to make a lasting impression on friends and collegues. Primera has two models which include the LX810 color label printer and the LX400 printer. Both of these printers provide full color labels that will help make the best impression.

Adazon Labels Sponsors Baseball

Adazon labels the Tigers baseball team as a measure to give back to the community.Tigers Baseball with Adazon Label The team is with the local recreational center and has generated a winning season. The Tigers will be moving into the playoffs soon, so we will keep you posted with their playoff performance. Sponsoring the team helps provide the equipment and uniforms to the kids in this volunteer league. Go Tigers!

Part of Adazon’s mission is to give back to the community and for kids, what better way then to sponsor a team in America’s native sport, baseball. There are no fancy suite boxes or names in lights, but just down home fun on the baseball diamonds watching kids learn the game and build team skills.

Stay tuned to see the results of the season and how the tigers perform in the playoffs.

The Durability of Blank Printer Labels, and How to Take Advantage of Them

While many households today have blank printer labels handy for addressing envelopes or otherwise, few understand just how durable they are and what they could be used for. The adhesives on these labels may not be permanent, but they far surpass the durability of tape, and are cleaner to remove than glue.

Try putting them on your child’s school supplies. Kids lose things at school every day. Having your child’s name on it can increase the chances that, if found, it will be returned to them by another student or a faculty member. These labels are strong enough to stick all school year.

Blank printer labels also are useful for labeling food items in your refrigerator or freezer. This is not a new idea, but it’s interesting to note that most people do not use them for this purpose. A blank printer label can be more attractive-looking than masking tape, and much more presentable when bringing a dish to pass at a gathering.

Or how about labeling and organizing your CD or DVD collection? When someone burns a CD or DVD, they either write directly on the disc or they purchase CD labels, when a blank printer label will do the trick just fine.

It’s easy to get creative. Look around your house and determine all the different ways you can use blank printer labels around your own house.

Barcode Labels: Do You Need to Buy in Bulk?

When deciding on a barcode label solution for your particular business, it’s important to ask yourself a couple of questions. You need to find the best fit for your company, and buying preprinted labels may not make sense, and you may need to buy blank barcode labels and print them yourself:

1. Will you have multiple orders of one product? If you do, then preprinted labels may be a better solution. Ordering sheets of them that you can affix to your product could be a quicker, more efficient solution. On the contrary, if each product is unique, you need a different barcode for each one, and printing them on blank barcode labels would be a more fitting option.

2. Will you need to track shipments? Shipment tracking requires a unique barcode to scan for each package, in which case you would want blank barcode labels to make each one unique. Otherwise, if two or more labels are the same, your system will not know which barcode to track.

Thinking ahead about your barcode needs will save you many headaches in the future. By starting out with the correct system, you ensure a smooth workflow, which means a better business.

Barcode Software: When “Free” Doesn’t Mean “Good”

If you search online for barcode software, many different choices come up, some offering discount software, or others even offering free software for you to use for your barcode needs. But think about what your barcodes mean to your business. Does your business depend on machines recognizing these barcodes? Do you need to properly track shipments? Are you working in a laboratory, and you need to organize specimens carefully? Risking these things on free barcode software just to save a few dollars makes no sense.

It is true that much of the barcode software that’s out there is expensive. But this software is extremely important, and sophisticated! Barcode software needs to be compatible with various operating systems and scanners, and it also needs to work properly with the barcode printer itself. Any type of malfunction and it could cost you thousands of dollars and/or hours and hours of troubleshooting. What is that worth to you and your business?

Purchasing barcode software is an investment, and it is a wise one at that. The peace of mind and smooth operation of your business is invaluable, and in the long run, you will be better off for it.

Barcoded Stickers: What You Need, What You Don’t

Companies of all sizes want and need specialized barcoded stickers for their products but there are so many different sizes, adhesives, materials, and colors to choose from. The first thing a company decision maker needs to do is get an idea in his/her mind of what they want the bacoded sticker to look like. They need to determine what it will be applied to, what size they want, how many of these they need, and if they will be preprinted or blank. If they are to be preprinted, the company decision maker will need to be able to provide the label manufacturer with artwork and/or color schemes. One important thing to remember is that all sticker prices are based on quantity. The more stickers that are quoted the less expensive they are per sticker.

If you want to purchase the sticker blank and print on it yourself, you need to make sure the sticker is compatible with your particular printers. You will need to know whether the barcoded stickers are direct thermal (when the image is created by direct heat from the print head as opposed to a ribbon) or thermal transfer (when the image is created by the melting of wax, wax/resin, or resin from the ribbon onto the sticker from the print head heat). barcoded stickersThere are also high gloss and semi gloss options. High gloss is a very bright and shiny material that gives your sticker a flashier look. Semi gloss is basically the same with just a bit less shine.

If they need a stronger, more durable sticker, polyester would be Continue reading

Types of Barcode Scanners and How They Work

When working with barcodes, it is imperative that your business has one or more barcode scanners. These scanners will read and decipher whatever barcode is printed and send the information to your computers. There are several different types currently available for your business. It is up to you to make the decision as to what your scanning needs are, and which type of barcode scanner would be the most effective solution for your company.

Pen-type scanners. These scanners are in the form of a pen or wand that you run across the barcode in a steady motion. It generates a waveform that is then decoded in the same manner as Morse code.

Camera readers. These barcode scanners consist of tiny video cameras that take an image of the barcode. The user then deciphers the code using digital processing techniques. This is also the newest form of the barcode scanners.

Laser scanners. While laser scanners work in the same manner as the pen-type scanners, the light source of a laser scanner is a small laser that automatically scans the barcode, using mirrors or a rotating prism. The user need not run the laser across the barcode.

CCD scanners. The fourth type of barcode scanner is also called an LED scanner. They use hundreds of tiny lights to measure the ambient light of the barcode to scan it.

Barcode scanners are sophisticated machines, and understanding how they work is important to understanding how to use them properly. Proper use means a more efficient workflow.

Using Avery Labels at Home

While the Avery brand labels have become a staple in many offices, few people understand how useful they can be around the house. Avery labels can help keep you organized, and save you valuable time throughout your day.

There are uses that are slightly more common than others – for example, using Avery labels on your personal files. They are easily printed out, and they fit very well on file folders. But these labels also come in handy when you are done using the folder. Instead of crossing out the folder title, which looks sloppy, or throwing out the folder, which is wasteful, consider simply sticking a new label on top of the old one. The file then can be used for something else, while still retaining a professional, organized appearance.

Using Avery labels with your mailings also creates a polished look that saves time. Avery makes labels for both sending addresses and return addresses. Printing out a label and sticking it on the envelope makes the mailing look sharp, and is easily readable for your mail carrier.

Another important thing to remember is that Avery labels last you a long time. Unless you do a lot of mailings, you can keep feeding a label sheet through your printer multiple times until you use up all the labels.

To find Avery labels online go to the Adazon Shopping Cart and see the Avery cross reference referred to under the Inkjet and Laser Labels tab.