Monthly Archives: September 2008

Why use stickers to label your CDs when you can just print it directly?

Do you buy blank CDs or DVDs and either use a permanent ink to label them or use those annoying stickers just so you could distinguish one CD from the other? Come on, let’s face it, this is how we used to do it and most people are still doing this even until now.  Blank […]

Label Dispensers Now Available

Custom labels are usually produced on rolls and when they reach the customer and the user needs to apply them, chances are the customer will hand apply some labels. This can be a messy deal if the roll comes unraveled and the liner becomes tangled with the tape gun and other shipping tools and supplies. […]

Color Labels For Your Printer

Have you ever wanted to add some life to your companies’ shipping or packaging labels?  Have you ever wanted them to stand out and represent your company a little bit better?  Did you know that you could have any label that you use completely or partially floodcoated? Floodcoating a label means that a label is […]

Die-cut Laser Labels Returns Address Labels Large and Landscaped

Here is your chance to get your address labels for returns, shipments, rack labeling and file labeling within your business. Make tropical address labels or customize them anyway you would like to give a great look to your packaging. That is the beauty of using laser labels to make your address labels look professional and […]

PPT8860-R3BZ1000 Symbol Scanner

If you ever wanted to buy a Symbol PPT 8860 Batch hend held scanner with PDA, now is your chance. We have one in stock that is new in a box, and was returned unopened. This mobile computer provides your mobile workers and floor managers the real-time access to information that helps them make better […]