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The Bar CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem (Wireless & Cabled Modem)

The Bar CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem (Wireless Communication Tools) The CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem features a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver which allows communication and Bluetooth to relate between Code Readers and host computers or systems to support Keyboard, USB and Serial inputs. This simple modem is a great choice for companies who need a great […]

Barcode Readers for the Law Enforcement Agencies & Public Safety Environments

Barcode Readers for the Law Enforcement Agencies & Public Safety Environments The Barcode Industry has helped the law enforcement community through out the years to gather information more efficiently and effectively. The use of the CR2 and CR3 wireless or cabled barcode has help in eCitation, eCrash Reports, Roadside Checks, Chain-of -Custody and Asset Tracking […]

The Simple Cheap Barcode Reader (CR1200). Is Fast, Affordable And Makes The Best Buy List

The Bar Code Reader (CR1200) Is Simple, Fast, Affordable And Makes The Best Buy List The Bar Code Reader CR1200 is the best buy of the year. It’s easy to use, speediness and price makes this product the most inexpensive for companies just starting out. The reader/decoder has the next generation technology with powerful digital […]


THE ALL NEW ZEBRA G-SERIES PRINTER The Zebra G-Series printers are the most efficient, productive and effective printers on the market. These printers can improve your operations and also enhance your point of sales, customer service and clients that will enjoy the quality and time savings they receive from your Zebra G-Series printers. If you […]

All-In-One 2D Barcode Readers CR2500 & CR3500 (Hand, Handle and Cabled Format).

All In One Bar Code Reader 2500 & 3500 (Hand, Handle and Cabled Format). There are many bar code readers/decoders out there, but it’s been known and proven that the mobile bar code CR2500 & CR 3500 are the most advanced on the market. The bar code readers/decoders are the fastest and with features and […]

Your Packaging & Labels Should Sell Your Products

Your Packaging & Labels Should Sell Your Products I believe the reason we create labels is to sell products. To do this effectively you first need to understand your market, competitors and your customers. With this in mind, you can now start designing image and logo, copywriting and packaging. This is very specialized and requires […]

Five Cost Saving Examples When Buying Labels

Five Cost Saving Examples When Buying Labels. In these ruff financials times, it is prudent to be fugal. In the past year or so, the market has lost trillions of dollars and the economy is in a full-blown recession. Thoughts of saving money is on the minds each consumers and business owners. If you are […]

Food Storage Labels

Labels used in food storage range from paper thermal transfer labels to freezer grade labels that remain adhered in the most severe temperatures. One element of a food storage label is the date code. This is the finite element that provides a visual reference allowing the stock person a see for rotation.  The date codes […]

Bath and Body Labels

Bed bath and Beyond – Green Products – Labels & Packaging Sustainable packaging & labels is an important part in buying products that are safe to the environment and the world we leave to the future generations. Moreover, as consumers we should be alert that contaminates and chemicals are affecting our lives and that we […]

About Food Labels

In finding the best food labels for your company, critical elements include finding a label manufacturer that provides good prices, selections and solutions for your packaging, products and projects. One great solution to food labeling is utilizing bar coding and nutrition labeling which helps in inventory and health awareness. Label manufacturers have devised systems to […]