Monthly Archives: June 2009

Microsoft Introduces New Custom Barcode Tags

                                 Microsoft Custom Barcode Tags The Microsoft corporation has just introduced its next generation barcode labels to the public. These evolved barcodes take branding and design to new levels, allowing the incorporation of directly printed images on the barcode label. No longer do you have to stare at the old, ugly, industrial looking barcodes. Now […]

Motorola Marks 35th Anniversary of Barcodes with FX7400 series RFID Scanner

                                                   Motorola FX7400 RFID Reader Here the trivia for the day:  What was the first barcode ever scanned? Answer: A pack of Juicy Fruit gum! Today marks the 35th anniversary of the birth of the Barcode, and Motorola has released the FX7400 RFID reader. The new FX 7400 RDID reader is compact, light-weight and ready […]

SIRA Technologies Food Sentinel System

                    SIRA Technologies Food Sentinel System Thermal Barcode for Packaging California based SIRA Technologies have just created a revolutionary packaging barcode label that could change grocery store experiences forever.  With help from researchers at the University of Rhode Island,  SIRA has developed a barcode label that can actually indicate whether your food has been contaminated […]

Symbol Cyclone Barcode Scanner

Symbol “Cyclone” M2000 Barcode Scanner Symbol introduces the new Cyclone next generation barcode scanner. The Cyclone is unique with its unmatched performance, and features retailer value selectable-scan patterns read linear, two-dimensional, and new class of composite barcodes. This next generation scanner features omni-directional countertop  projection, as well as multiple controllable scan patterns. The Symbol Cyclone […]

Cell Phone Meets Barcode Scanner

Cell Phone Meets Barcode Scanner Imagine driving by a for sale house, and with the click of a button on your cell phone, you know how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in the house, the listing price, realtor, even a phone number to follow up with. With new barcode scanning technology now allowing cell phones to read […]

Labelmate Mini-CAT Rewinders

 Mini-CAT Label Rewinders                Labelmate has made a splash in the label industry. With the Mini-CAT (Constant Adjustable Torque) Label Rewinder, you can rewind label rolls up to 125mm ( 5”) wide and up to 220mm (8.6”) in diameter at speeds up to 500mm/sec!  All of this is also offered at a low cost, providing […]

New Tharo RFID Scanners & Printers

Tharo RFID Scanners & Printers Tharo has introduced its’ new Gen2 RFID readers. The handheld PR100 barcode scanner can read 96 bit Gen2 tags from a range of up to 5 feet. The scanner comes with a graphical LCD screen for instant visual verification.  This new durable RFID scanner can hold up to 4,000 RFID […]

Windows Mobile Operating System

Windows 6.5 Mobile Operating System             The new Windows Mobile v6.5 Operating system, the ultimate personal or business software for your phone. The new operating system can take advantage of wireless internet, allowing you to surf the web, access Outlook for e-mail, as well as the ability to sign in to your Microsoft Liveone account. […]

Wine Label Industry

 Wine Labels As the race for dominance continues in the Wine industry, one of the of the growing problems that producers are facing is the constantly changing labels. While with a majority of the food industry a product label does not need to be changed for usually 5-7 years, in the Wine industry a new […]

MEMS: A New Generation of Barcode Scanner

MEMS: A New Generation of Barcode Scanner There used to be two main choices with regards to Barcode Scanners;  go with the unmatched reliability of the  solid-state CCD reader, or  the lightning fast scanning power of laser scanners. By adapting the highly proven, highly reliable MEMS technology used  for bar code reading, MEMS based laser […]