Monthly Archives: August 2009

Coca-Cola Tests New Machine Powered by RFID Technology

Coca-Cola Tests New Machine Powered by RFID Technology Coca-Cola has begun beta-testing an RFID-enabled drink dispenser in the US that the company claims will transform the soft drink dispensing industry. The machine, known as Freestyle, uses proprietary PurePour Technology to provide more than 100 drink options in the same amount of space as the current […]

Barcode shows and tracks mosquito threats

Barcode labels are now being used to track insect DNA and show where infected mosquitoes are present, and how much they multiply and more!

Bokode: The New Barcode

The new Bokode can store 1000x what a regular barcode can hold, and uses affordable technology that could change the way barcodes are used forever.

Universal Postal Union to Use RFID for Better Tracking

RFID tags are now being used internationally to track mail, allowing a faster and more effiecient mail system worldwide.

When Barcode Meets Chicken

When Barcode Meets Chicken                A team of scientists working in Ireland has devised a method of identifying individual chickens by putting miniature barcode labels on their beaks and legs, and older hens by their combs. While working at the UCD Bioresources Research Center, the researchers achieved a 97 per cent accuracy rate in experiments on […]

BMW Uses RFID Tags at Plant

                                              BMW Uses RFID Tags at Plant With all of the applications RFID tags have offered, yet another great use has been found by BMW automakers. BMW has recently adopted Ubisense’s Tool Assistance System (TAS) for use in its assembly plant in Regensburg, Germany. The TAS is designed to identify and track in real time […]

Traveling With RFID Tags

 RFID Tags For Your Luggage If you’ve ever flown on an international flight, you know that having baggage lost  is frustrating and it can be almost impossible to get it back. And  while technology exists to keep better track of our luggage, only 11% of airlines are now using it. This technology is RFID, or […]

Barcodes Could Trace Food Origins

Barcode Labels Could Trace Food Origins  Where is the food on your dinner table grown? Up until recently, just a sticker saying ”Made in U.S.A or Mexico” was good enough. Not anymore, or at least as soon as barcodes are a commonsight in grocery stores. With so much concern about fair trade, the environment, organic foods and general […]