Monthly Archives: September 2009

Beauty & Personal Care Labels

Beauty and Personal care labeling can be a tough market, but with advances in technology, you can stay ahead of the competition with cold foil labels.

Mobile Computing Gets 3G Networking

AT&T Now offers 3G Connectivity for mobile computing solutions, allowing your business to become more connected with the world.

Sewn-In Barcodes

Sewn In Tags found on most household furniture now contain barcodes on them.

Using Barcodes as Train Tickets

Train riders in England will soon be able to use barcodes as their ticket for transportation around the country.

RFID Technology Improves Efficiency For Tomato Producers

RFID Technology has been implemented in order to increase efficiency at an Australian tomato producer.

Specialty Labels

Specialty labels from Adazon offer an array of labels for any need, and with our large selection of labels and adhesives you can get just what you need.

Ancient Egyptians used Wine Labels

Ancient Egyptians used Wine Labels Among the objects that were buried in the catacombs of Egyptian King Tutankhamen (commonly known as King Tut) were wine jars intended as funerary meals to ensure a pleasant afterlife. Scientists have known for decades that the ancient Egyptians had an affinity for wine, but it has been unclear what […]