Monthly Archives: October 2009

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels Initially developed to help speed up grocery store checkout speed, consecutively numbered, barcode labels and variable data labels have since become a large part of our retail industry.  Now a staple point of any company who needs to ship their products, and keep accurate inventory, barcode labels have exploded into one […]

UPC Codes Show Country Of Origin

UPC Codes Show Country Of Origin With all the tainted products being imported these days, its hard to trust out of country products. Often times in recent memory, Chinese products have been the focus of many of these investigations as manufacturing standards and laws are simply out of date. With so many problems, Americans have […]

What is a UPC Code?

What is a UPC Code? You know how every time you go to the grocery store, the clerk has to scan those little black lines into his computer before you can pay? Well those little black lines, or the UPC code, plays a vital role in today’s world. Almost every product on the market today […]

Microscan Reveals First Liquid Lens Barcode Imager – QX Hawk

Microscan Announces the World’s First Liquid Lens Barcode Imager   The QX Hawk is the world’s first Barcode Imager to be fully integrated with new liquid lens technology, enabling infinite focus flexibility. Bridging the gap between ease of use and performance, the QX Hawk features a high resolution modular optical zoom system, aggressive X-Mode decoding, […]

The 35th Anniversary of the Barcode

You know those black and white lines on the back or side of your drink you bought at the store? Or maybe those weird lines on your pack of gum? Those lines, are called a Barcode or U.P.C code.  Well, today is the 35th anniversary of the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) Barcode Label and will […]