Monthly Archives: November 2009

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding Internationally acclaimed Stanford Hospital & clinics are some of the most advanced and respected medical facilities in the United States today. Often known for the high level of patient care, as well as treatments of rare, complex disorders have made the Stanford medical facilities one of a […]

What They Don’t Tell You In The Barcode Scanner Manual

Have you ever plugged your blue tooth barcode scanner into your computer with a keyboard wedge, taken the scanner off the base station, scanned a barcode and all looks good, except the barcode does not scan into the computer? You try scanning the barcode on the base station to re-sync the scanner to the base […]

RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses Replace Passports

RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses Replace Passports Only six months ago, the Secretary of state for Michigan began taking applications for RFID chip enhanced drivers licenses. Since then, over 80,000 applications have been received, and the trend is growing. Why are so many people in Michigan switching over to these high-tech drivers licenses? The main reason: […]

Food & Beverage Labels

Food & Beverage Labels                  Whether you’re at the local grocery store buying food, or beverages, sauces, condiments or other foods, you will see labels on it all.  If you own a local deli or store of your own, you know that every product you sell or buy has a label. In today’s world, one […]

RFID Chips Help Improve Asset Tracking

Using RFID To Track Your Assets Due to our current global economic situation, many companies around the world are doing everything they can to cut their costs. One of the growing trends lately in an effort to save money has been improving asset tracking. There are a few major issues that have arisen from poor […]

Net Flex Flexible Ribbon

Net Flex iimak has introduced a new Thermal Transfer ribbon for flexible packaging coders, the new Net Flex wax/resin for near edge thermal transfer printers. This new ribbon features anti-static formulation, and delivers blacker, bolder print with greater durability and with print speeds up to 24 IPS. The new Net Flex ribbon is compatible with […]