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Direct Thermal Labels Can Help With Green Initiatives

Over the last eight years of reading this blog, we have learned a lot about the direct thermal label business, but have you thought about how using these direct thermal labels can help make for a greener environment? As we have learned over the years, direct thermal labels do not use a ribbon where thermal transfer labels must use a ribbon to create the image. This is because the direct thermal label material reacts to the heat from the print head to create the image. Go Green With Direct Thermal LabelsBecause the paper reacts to the heat of the print head, the labels traditionally have not held up to any durability testing.

Scratching, exposure to sun light, exposure to heat, and chemicals can all cause the image to fade or become unreadable. Some of these elements have been muted a bit by adding a coating to the direct thermal labels that extends the life and prevents rapid fading. By using these newer substrates, the market for direct thermal material has expanded. The labels will still fade or yellow over time, but it is an extended amount of time now allowing the labels to have more uses.
So in today’s world of reduced carbon footprints it has become very important for organizations to reduce their waste. In fact, many organizations have used the reduction in waste and the ability to lower their carbon footprint as a competitive advantage.

Well, by using direct thermal labels a company can reduce the use of thermal transfer ribbon. This printer ribbon uses a poly based backing made in part from crude oil products. By eliminating the use of the thermal transfer ribbon companies can positively Continue reading