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Seed Bag Tagging and High Speed Duplication

Tagging seed bags can be a long and tedious process. With all the labeling requirements, instructions, and branding required, there must be a better way to do this. Printing on slow laser printers, or dot matrix equipment is a thing of the past and is probably the most in-efficient way to make seed bag tags. […]

Solutions with the Zebra P4T Printer

Up until now, all mobile printers used direct thermal paper only. This restricted the use of mobile printers to only be used for printing material that did not have to last too long or be very durable. Today there are many other options for mobile printing opening up many more applications. An example is the […]

Used AXXIS Label System By Allen Datagraph–SOLD

SOLD! We have a lightly used AXXIS labeling system for sale great for short run label making. This machine works with the Wasasch Ripp software and produces high quality labels. The AXXIS Digital Label Systems allow you to produce custom printed labels in any size or shape, On-Demand, with minimum make-ready and waste, all without […]

Need Grainger Labels?

Grainger, like many industrial distributors, require their suppliers to put special labels on their products so the product will get into the distribution system without a hitch. Many suppliers to distributors may not have the ability to make barcodes in house. This is where we come in. Adazon specializes in preprinted barcode labels and also […]

Just in – 28 of the 25-58921-01 Symbol Cable Assemblies

Today we have 28 of the 25-58921-01 MOTOROLA synapse adapter cables that have a 9-PIN female to synapse adapter in a black 6 foot straight cable. These cables are in the bag and ready to ship. They are an overstock item and we need to move them out. If you have any need for this […]

Fast and On Demand LX900 Color Label Printer

Better and faster then ever. The new LX900 printer by Primera is the fastest and most economical to operate in the industry today. By utilizing the latest in high resolution inkjet technology this printer produces brilliant, colorful labels for your products, and any other packaging needs. Now with individual cartridges for each color of ink, […]

The Future of RFID

The future of RFID In recent years, RFID technology has boomed around the world, and even during harsh recession times, the RFID industry has remained strong. In fact, the RFID industry has been so resilient during the recession that it has in fact grown stronger while most industries have fallen prey to harsh economic times. […]

Click-n-Ship Labels

Click-n-Ship Labels There are tons of reasons why you should print your own click n ship shipping labels from home, whether you use Ebay to sell old household items, or even if you’re just mailing holiday packages across the country, making your own shipping labels in house saves time and money. You know those long […]

RFID Enabled Cabinets Can Save Time and Money

RFID Enabled Cabinets Can Save Time and Money As part on an ongoing project to cut down on supply costs, Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Ga has begun to implement their new WaveMark RFID Asset tracking system. This tracking system, consists of 18 RFID-enabled cabinets, as well as an interrogator in each room with a […]

RFID Tags Help Dress You

RFID Tags Help Dress You For those who view shopping as a daunting task, picking out your clothes might just get a little easier, thanks to RFID Tags. Students at Carnegie Mellon University have invented the Smart.Mirror, a device designed to help give you fashion ideas or tips while in the dressing room. The Smart.Mirror […]