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Zebra to Buy Motorola Solutions

Zebra Technology is one of the worlds leading barcode printer manufacturers and Motorola Solutions is one of the top barcode scanner manufacturers in the world. This announcement will bring together two of the giants in our industry. (Reuters) – Barcode printer maker Zebra Technologies has agreed to buy Motorola Solutions Inc’s enterprise business for $3.5 […]

Barcode Scanners For Sale

Take a look at our updated category for barcode scanners. We have added more then 400 new barcode readers to this category and these scanners are priced to move. Adazon has full line access to more brands and more models allowing our customers the greatest selection of product on the web. Brands ranging from Honeywell, […]

RFID Enabled Cabinets Can Save Time and Money

RFID Enabled Cabinets Can Save Time and Money As part on an ongoing project to cut down on supply costs, Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Ga has begun to implement their new WaveMark RFID Asset tracking system. This tracking system, consists of 18 RFID-enabled cabinets, as well as an interrogator in each room with a […]

“Fingerprinting” RFID Tags

“Fingerprinting” RFID Tags In recent years, RFID tags have been a growing trend in many sectors of business worldwide, as RFID tags have allowed more efficiency out of companies who have begun to use them. RFID tags could soon even be in your passport or drivers license, as they can store such information on small […]

RFID Tags Prevent Lost Luggage

Lost luggage becomes a thing of the past thanks to RFID! Have you ever had an airline company lose some of your luggage while on vacation or business? Well you’re not alone, and after many years of painful losses, airline companies have found a solution that might just be the answer. By taking advantage of  […]

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding Internationally acclaimed Stanford Hospital & clinics are some of the most advanced and respected medical facilities in the United States today. Often known for the high level of patient care, as well as treatments of rare, complex disorders have made the Stanford medical facilities one of a […]

What They Don’t Tell You In The Barcode Scanner Manual

Have you ever plugged your blue tooth barcode scanner into your computer with a keyboard wedge, taken the scanner off the base station, scanned a barcode and all looks good, except the barcode does not scan into the computer? You try scanning the barcode on the base station to re-sync the scanner to the base […]

RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses Replace Passports

RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses Replace Passports Only six months ago, the Secretary of state for Michigan began taking applications for RFID chip enhanced drivers licenses. Since then, over 80,000 applications have been received, and the trend is growing. Why are so many people in Michigan switching over to these high-tech drivers licenses? The main reason: […]

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels Initially developed to help speed up grocery store checkout speed, consecutively numbered, barcode labels and variable data labels have since become a large part of our retail industry.  Now a staple point of any company who needs to ship their products, and keep accurate inventory, barcode labels have exploded into one […]

What is a UPC Code?

What is a UPC Code? You know how every time you go to the grocery store, the clerk has to scan those little black lines into his computer before you can pay? Well those little black lines, or the UPC code, plays a vital role in today’s world. Almost every product on the market today […]