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This category will help customers understand which software can work best with the particular application. Included in this category are inventory management software programs, asset management, check-in check-out software programs and barcode generation software.

Bartender Software Version Update

A quick notice to all of our software customers about Bartender software. As new versions come out, the software manufacturers move forward with the newest improvements to keep barcode printing capabilities at their peak. See the notice below about the current versions and support for these versions going forward. Reminder: End of Support for BarTender 9.0 – 9.2, End [...]

The Future of RFID

The future of RFID In recent years, RFID technology has boomed around the world, and even during harsh recession times, the RFID industry has remained strong. In fact, the RFID industry has been so resilient during the recession that it has in fact grown stronger while most industries have fallen prey to harsh economic times. In 2009 [...]

Click-n-Ship Labels

Click-n-Ship Labels There are tons of reasons why you should print your own click n ship shipping labels from home, whether you use Ebay to sell old household items, or even if you’re just mailing holiday packages across the country, making your own shipping labels in house saves time and money. You know those long lines at [...]

RFID Enabled Cabinets Can Save Time and Money

RFID Enabled Cabinets Can Save Time and Money As part on an ongoing project to cut down on supply costs, Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Ga has begun to implement their new WaveMark RFID Asset tracking system. This tracking system, consists of 18 RFID-enabled cabinets, as well as an interrogator in each room with a cabinet. The [...]

RFID Tags Help Dress You

RFID Tags Help Dress You For those who view shopping as a daunting task, picking out your clothes might just get a little easier, thanks to RFID Tags. Students at Carnegie Mellon University have invented the Smart.Mirror, a device designed to help give you fashion ideas or tips while in the dressing room. The Smart.Mirror uses the [...]

Zebra Thermal Printers Improve Police Ticketing Efficiency

Zebra Thermal Printers Improve Police Ticketing Efficiency Nobody likes to see those red and blue sirens in the rear view mirror, but it does happen to the best of us. Getting a ticket is never a good experience, but the slow process of creating a citation and filling out the forms and submitting the ticket can [...]

RFID Chips Help Improve Asset Tracking

Using RFID To Track Your Assets Due to our current global economic situation, many companies around the world are doing everything they can to cut their costs. One of the growing trends lately in an effort to save money has been improving asset tracking. There are a few major issues that have arisen from poor asset [...]

Using Barcodes as Train Tickets

Using Barcodes as Train Tickets            Train riders across England will soon be able to purchase their tickets using their cell phones, and use them without having to print or copy. The Department of Transport (DfT) today released a consultation document, inviting comments on the development of its future smart ticketing strategy for public transport in [...]

Microsoft Introduces New Custom Barcode Tags

                                 Microsoft Custom Barcode Tags The Microsoft corporation has just introduced its next generation barcode labels to the public. These evolved barcodes take branding and design to new levels, allowing the incorporation of directly printed images on the barcode label. No longer do you have to stare at the old, ugly, industrial looking barcodes. Now with [...]