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Customers have unique needs and that leads to custom labels that will meet those needs. As customers inquire about custom labels, that label may fit a broader need for many other customers. We will keep our visitors up to date on the latest adds and developments to our custom label inquiries and offering.

Preprinted Barcode Labels

We get requests from customers every day for a quick run of preprinted bar code labels. With the ability to ship the same day the order comes in, it is critical that the order comes in with all of the information needed to get it right the first time. We pride ourselves in same day […]

Seed Bag Tagging and High Speed Duplication

Tagging seed bags can be a long and tedious process. With all the labeling requirements, instructions, and branding required, there must be a better way to do this. Printing on slow laser printers, or dot matrix equipment is a thing of the past and is probably the most in-efficient way to make seed bag tags. […]

Solutions with the Zebra P4T Printer

Up until now, all mobile printers used direct thermal paper only. This restricted the use of mobile printers to only be used for printing material that did not have to last too long or be very durable. Today there are many other options for mobile printing opening up many more applications. An example is the […]

Labels That Resist Paint

Is paint causing problems for your tracking application? Today we have a permanent paint-resist polyester bar code label that will resist paint. These unique labels feature a special laminate that resists multiple paint applications, grease, even graffiti, and can withstand temperatures up to 250°F. After painting, customers simply pick off the paint and they are […]

Direct Thermal Labels Can Help With Green Initiatives

Over the last eight years of reading this blog, we have learned a lot about the direct thermal label business, but have you thought about how using these direct thermal labels can help make for a greener environment? As we have learned over the years, direct thermal labels do not use a ribbon where thermal […]

Need Grainger Labels?

Grainger, like many industrial distributors, require their suppliers to put special labels on their products so the product will get into the distribution system without a hitch. Many suppliers to distributors may not have the ability to make barcodes in house. This is where we come in. Adazon specializes in preprinted barcode labels and also […]

Are you sick and tired of Dymo Label prices?

Well, Adazon has the answer for you. Take a look at our new line of Dymo compatible labels we are making. If you are using the Dymo LabelWriter 400 or 450 series printer and still buying Dymo branded labels, then you have a significant opportunity to save some cash. Take a look at our new […]

Custom Digital Labels

What are custom digital labels? They are labels printed on digital machines like the HP Indigo Digital printing presses, model ws4500 and the HP Indigo ws6000. Other digital options include the large scale Xeikon 3050, and some smaller scale Primera CX1200 and the complete 2 stage AXXIS by Allen Datagraph. Customers can now design the […]

Medical Cannabis Labels

As medical cannabis is expanding throughout the country there is a growing demand for these custom medicinal cannabis labels for packaging. Labeling is very important on this product due to the tamper proof element and warning for children and pets. Making sure you work with a reputable label manufacturer that both designs and stocks the […]

Save Money With The Right Preprinted Custom Labels

There are many ways to save money with custom labels. Below is an example of using variable data to save from having to invest in a lot of plates for different versions. First we need to understand the complete need of the customer. What is the label being applied to? Who will be reading the […]