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For labels that are used in laser printers and ink jet printers. This category shows how to use your basic office printer to make great looking laser labels with barcodes and logos.

Holiday Shipping Labels

Holiday Shipping Labels It’s that time of the year again, with Christmas and other holidays around the corner you might find yourself going crazy running to the post office to mail all of your holiday gifts and cards. Looking for a better way to send all of those cards, gifts and holiday cheer? Adazon click-n-ship […] Labels Shipping Labels If you or your company currently uses 4×6 shipping labels, you might be overpaying considerably. These labels can be used as shipping labels, and are printed from your Inkjet/Laser printers. These labels are easy, low maintenance shipping labels that you can make from home. Just simply add these shipping labels into your Inkjet/Laser […]

Brand Name Ink vs. Generic Ink

                                               Generic Inks: Are they really the same?                 With some of the high costs that can be associated with buying ink or ink cartridges, at some point the question will be raised, should I buy generic? Should I just refill my old ink cartridge? Buy a new name brand?  With tougher economic times, and […]

Laser Labels For Earth Day

Go green for Earth Day! Save on Adazon’s recycled and recyclable labels  for laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers   Facestock     Premium grade 50# 92 brightness   Constructed from 100% post-consumer waste Recycled symbol printed on every label Adhesive General purpose, permanent acrylic emulsion Recycling compatible in compliance with USPS-P-1238F Liner Semi-bleached super-calendered lay flat Premium 50# basis […]


THE ALL NEW ZEBRA G-SERIES PRINTER The Zebra G-Series printers are the most efficient, productive and effective printers on the market. These printers can improve your operations and also enhance your point of sales, customer service and clients that will enjoy the quality and time savings they receive from your Zebra G-Series printers. If you […]

CX1200 Digital Color Label Press

Primera’s CX1200 Digital Color Label Press        If you own a small company or business, you know that labeling your products is an important step, but often times can become a hassle. If you have to create labels to put on your product, you know that having a high quality and quick label press is […]

Why use stickers to label your CDs when you can just print it directly?

Do you buy blank CDs or DVDs and either use a permanent ink to label them or use those annoying stickers just so you could distinguish one CD from the other? Come on, let’s face it, this is how we used to do it and most people are still doing this even until now.  Blank […]

Using Click N Ship Labels For Your Packages

Did you know that click n ship labels are just laser label sheets that can be used in a laser printer or inkjet printer for printing shipping labels? The term click n ship was used by the USPS to define the type of label that works with the template used for shipping postal mail. This […]

Save Money and Trouble with Laser Labels

Your on-site printing is an important process, and like any other business decision, you want to keep is cost-effective and efficient. This is why ordering laser labels for your laser printer makes perfect business sense. Labeling is, simply put, part of doing business. No matter how much we want to deny it, we do not […]