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Holiday Labels

Holiday Labels from Adazon It’s that time of the year again, and as the holidays approach be sure to check out Adazons new customized holiday labels! Our new customizable labels feature your choice of holiday graphics, as well as your customized name on each label! Brighten the holidays of those around you with Adazons customized […]

Food & Beverage Labels

Food & Beverage Labels                  Whether you’re at the local grocery store buying food, or beverages, sauces, condiments or other foods, you will see labels on it all.  If you own a local deli or store of your own, you know that every product you sell or buy has a label. In today’s world, one […]

Using Barcodes in the Lumber Industry

                                             Using Barcodes in the Lumber Industry In today’s world, keeping track of logged trees is a lot easier when you know how many there are, where they are and even what kind of trees, how old they are and other useful information. Or at least that’s the belief of a company called  “Helveta”, a […]

New Tharo RFID Scanners & Printers

Tharo RFID Scanners & Printers Tharo has introduced its’ new Gen2 RFID readers. The handheld PR100 barcode scanner can read 96 bit Gen2 tags from a range of up to 5 feet. The scanner comes with a graphical LCD screen for instant visual verification.  This new durable RFID scanner can hold up to 4,000 RFID […]

Brand Name Ink vs. Generic Ink

                                               Generic Inks: Are they really the same?                 With some of the high costs that can be associated with buying ink or ink cartridges, at some point the question will be raised, should I buy generic? Should I just refill my old ink cartridge? Buy a new name brand?  With tougher economic times, and […]


THE ALL NEW ZEBRA G-SERIES PRINTER The Zebra G-Series printers are the most efficient, productive and effective printers on the market. These printers can improve your operations and also enhance your point of sales, customer service and clients that will enjoy the quality and time savings they receive from your Zebra G-Series printers. If you […]

Labelmate’s CAT-2 Label Rewinder

Labelmate CAT-2 Label Rewinder           Does your business need a new label rewinder? If so, the Labelmate CAT-2 heavy duty label rewinder is for you. The Labelmate heavy duty CAT-2 rewinders are designed for continuous duty operation in rugged environments. With the Model CAT-2, label rolls up to 16-inches in diameter can be rewound. Model […]

The Zebra Thermal Transfer Printer P4T

  Zebra’s P4T Wireless Thermal Transfer Printer           The world’s first mobile thermal transfer printer, with optional RFID upgradability. With the Zebra P4T, you can print long-life bar code labels and documents that are up to 4″ wide that withstand the harshest of outdoor environments. With the latest Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, battery […]

Primera’s AP Series Label Applicator

Primera’s AP Series Label Applicator Primera’s AP Series Label Applicators are the perfect semi-automatic labeling solution for any cylindrical containers, as well as most tapered containers, including, jars, bottles, cans, tubes, beer, spirits and other beverages, sauces, vitamins, cosmetics, bath and spa products, spices, specialty foods, health and beauty care, oils, lotions, fragrances, chemicals, paint […]


Does you company currently have custom made labels that include company logos and colors? Have you ever wanted to have a badge or label of some sort to look more realistic and three-dimensional? If so, your company may have overlooked some of the technologies now being used in the label industry. Companies’ just [...]