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Preprinted Barcode Labels

We get requests from customers every day for a quick run of preprinted bar code labels. With the ability to ship the same day the order comes in, it is critical that the order comes in with all of the information needed to get it right the first time. We pride ourselves in same day […]

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding Internationally acclaimed Stanford Hospital & clinics are some of the most advanced and respected medical facilities in the United States today. Often known for the high level of patient care, as well as treatments of rare, complex disorders have made the Stanford medical facilities one of a […]

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels Initially developed to help speed up grocery store checkout speed, consecutively numbered, barcode labels and variable data labels have since become a large part of our retail industry.  Now a staple point of any company who needs to ship their products, and keep accurate inventory, barcode labels have exploded into one […]

What is a UPC Code?

What is a UPC Code? You know how every time you go to the grocery store, the clerk has to scan those little black lines into his computer before you can pay? Well those little black lines, or the UPC code, plays a vital role in today’s world. Almost every product on the market today […]

When Barcode Meets Chicken

When Barcode Meets Chicken                A team of scientists working in Ireland has devised a method of identifying individual chickens by putting miniature barcode labels on their beaks and legs, and older hens by their combs. While working at the UCD Bioresources Research Center, the researchers achieved a 97 per cent accuracy rate in experiments on […]

BMW Uses RFID Tags at Plant

                                              BMW Uses RFID Tags at Plant With all of the applications RFID tags have offered, yet another great use has been found by BMW automakers. BMW has recently adopted Ubisense’s Tool Assistance System (TAS) for use in its assembly plant in Regensburg, Germany. The TAS is designed to identify and track in real time […]

Traveling With RFID Tags

 RFID Tags For Your Luggage If you’ve ever flown on an international flight, you know that having baggage lost  is frustrating and it can be almost impossible to get it back. And  while technology exists to keep better track of our luggage, only 11% of airlines are now using it. This technology is RFID, or […]

Barcodes Could Trace Food Origins

Barcode Labels Could Trace Food Origins  Where is the food on your dinner table grown? Up until recently, just a sticker saying ”Made in U.S.A or Mexico” was good enough. Not anymore, or at least as soon as barcodes are a commonsight in grocery stores. With so much concern about fair trade, the environment, organic foods and general […]

LXE 8650 Handsfree Barcode Scanner

LXE Introduces 8650 Handsfree Barcode Scanner With the advances in technology today, wireless networks have brought us the ability to free up our workspace with fewer cords and more mobility. LXE Technologies has introduced a new line of wireless, Bluetooth barcode scanner, and it even fits on your finger. This new hands-free barcode scanner fits […]

Prescription Go Electronic With The Barcode

Prescriptions Go Electronic With The Barcode                  Today in Scotland, the electronic Acute Medication Service (eAMS) became active, allowing prescription for medications to be directly transmitted using barcode labels, reducing the risk of human error as well as cutting down on resources.  Although patients will still receive paper prescriptions from their Doctors, these prescriptions will […]