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Preprinted Barcode Labels

We get requests from customers every day for a quick run of preprinted bar code labels. With the ability to ship the same day the order comes in, it is critical that the order comes in with all of the information needed to get it right the first time. We pride ourselves in same day […]

Solutions with the Zebra P4T Printer

Up until now, all mobile printers used direct thermal paper only. This restricted the use of mobile printers to only be used for printing material that did not have to last too long or be very durable. Today there are many other options for mobile printing opening up many more applications. An example is the […]

Stamps.com Labels

Stamps.com Shipping Labels If you or your company currently uses 4×6 shipping labels, you might be overpaying considerably. These labels can be used as shipping labels, and are printed from your Inkjet/Laser printers. These labels are easy, low maintenance shipping labels that you can make from home. Just simply add these shipping labels into your Inkjet/Laser […]

Holiday Labels

Holiday Labels from Adazon It’s that time of the year again, and as the holidays approach be sure to check out Adazons new customized holiday labels! Our new customizable labels feature your choice of holiday graphics, as well as your customized name on each label! Brighten the holidays of those around you with Adazons customized […]

Sewn-In Barcodes

Sewn In Tags found on most household furniture now contain barcodes on them.

Using Barcodes as Train Tickets

Train riders in England will soon be able to use barcodes as their ticket for transportation around the country.

Specialty Labels

Specialty labels from Adazon offer an array of labels for any need, and with our large selection of labels and adhesives you can get just what you need.

Barcode shows and tracks mosquito threats

Barcode labels are now being used to track insect DNA and show where infected mosquitoes are present, and how much they multiply and more!

Bokode: The New Barcode

The new Bokode can store 1000x what a regular barcode can hold, and uses affordable technology that could change the way barcodes are used forever.

Barcode Labels for Plants

Barcoding Plants An international team of scientists and botanists have agreed on a standardized DNA barcode to be used for easy identification of plants around the world. The goals of this agreement are to lead the formation of a global plant DNA library, which would be shared by the international community in order to allow […]