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What is a UPC Code?

What is a UPC Code? You know how every time you go to the grocery store, the clerk has to scan those little black lines into his computer before you can pay? Well those little black lines, or the UPC code, plays a vital role in today’s world. Almost every product on the market today […]

Zebra Thermal Label Printers

 Zebra Thermal Label Printer Supplies If you own a Zebra label printer, you know how important having the right parts is. There are thousands and thousands of different types of thermal media available out today, but Zebra’s labels, tags, wristbands, and ribbons are specifically engineered to optimize performance with Zebra printers. Like Zebra printers, genuine […]

Brand Name Ink vs. Generic Ink

                                               Generic Inks: Are they really the same?                 With some of the high costs that can be associated with buying ink or ink cartridges, at some point the question will be raised, should I buy generic? Should I just refill my old ink cartridge? Buy a new name brand?  With tougher economic times, and […]

Barcode Software: When “Free” Doesn’t Mean “Good”

If you search online for barcode software, many different choices come up, some offering discount software, or others even offering free software for you to use for your barcode needs. But think about what your barcodes mean to your business. Does your business depend on machines recognizing these barcodes? Do you need to properly track […]