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Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding

Stanford Hospital improves Patient Safety using bar coding Internationally acclaimed Stanford Hospital & clinics are some of the most advanced and respected medical facilities in the United States today. Often known for the high level of patient care, as well as treatments of rare, complex disorders have made the Stanford medical facilities one of a […]

What They Don’t Tell You In The Barcode Scanner Manual

Have you ever plugged your blue tooth barcode scanner into your computer with a keyboard wedge, taken the scanner off the base station, scanned a barcode and all looks good, except the barcode does not scan into the computer? You try scanning the barcode on the base station to re-sync the scanner to the base […]

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels

Consecutive Numbered & Barcode Labels Initially developed to help speed up grocery store checkout speed, consecutively numbered, barcode labels and variable data labels have since become a large part of our retail industry.  Now a staple point of any company who needs to ship their products, and keep accurate inventory, barcode labels have exploded into one […]

The 35th Anniversary of the Barcode

You know those black and white lines on the back or side of your drink you bought at the store? Or maybe those weird lines on your pack of gum? Those lines, are called a Barcode or U.P.C code.  Well, today is the 35th anniversary of the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) Barcode Label and will […]

Bokode: The New Barcode

The new Bokode can store 1000x what a regular barcode can hold, and uses affordable technology that could change the way barcodes are used forever.

LXE 8650 Handsfree Barcode Scanner

LXE Introduces 8650 Handsfree Barcode Scanner With the advances in technology today, wireless networks have brought us the ability to free up our workspace with fewer cords and more mobility. LXE Technologies has introduced a new line of wireless, Bluetooth barcode scanner, and it even fits on your finger. This new hands-free barcode scanner fits […]

Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Mobile Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Dolphin 6100                        Honeywell has done it again!  Honeywell has just released its latest brand of mobile RFID/Barcode scanner, which boasts its new features, including  its stylish design, lightweight and compact factor. The Dolphin 6100 comes packed with data collection, communication and imaging capabilities. It extends enhanced mobility and productivity, while ensuring single-handed […]

Prescription Go Electronic With The Barcode

Prescriptions Go Electronic With The Barcode                  Today in Scotland, the electronic Acute Medication Service (eAMS) became active, allowing prescription for medications to be directly transmitted using barcode labels, reducing the risk of human error as well as cutting down on resources.  Although patients will still receive paper prescriptions from their Doctors, these prescriptions will […]

Using Barcodes in the Lumber Industry

                                             Using Barcodes in the Lumber Industry In today’s world, keeping track of logged trees is a lot easier when you know how many there are, where they are and even what kind of trees, how old they are and other useful information. Or at least that’s the belief of a company called  “Helveta”, a […]

Symbol Cyclone Barcode Scanner

Symbol “Cyclone” M2000 Barcode Scanner Symbol introduces the new Cyclone next generation barcode scanner. The Cyclone is unique with its unmatched performance, and features retailer value selectable-scan patterns read linear, two-dimensional, and new class of composite barcodes. This next generation scanner features omni-directional countertop  projection, as well as multiple controllable scan patterns. The Symbol Cyclone […]