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The Future of RFID

The future of RFID In recent years, RFID technology has boomed around the world, and even during harsh recession times, the RFID industry has remained strong. In fact, the RFID industry has been so resilient during the recession that it has in fact grown stronger while most industries have fallen prey to harsh economic times. […]

“Fingerprinting” RFID Tags

“Fingerprinting” RFID Tags In recent years, RFID tags have been a growing trend in many sectors of business worldwide, as RFID tags have allowed more efficiency out of companies who have begun to use them. RFID tags could soon even be in your passport or drivers license, as they can store such information on small […]

RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses Replace Passports

RFID Enhanced Drivers Licenses Replace Passports Only six months ago, the Secretary of state for Michigan began taking applications for RFID chip enhanced drivers licenses. Since then, over 80,000 applications have been received, and the trend is growing. Why are so many people in Michigan switching over to these high-tech drivers licenses? The main reason: […]