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Solutions with the Zebra P4T Printer

Up until now, all mobile printers used direct thermal paper only. This restricted the use of mobile printers to only be used for printing material that did not have to last too long or be very durable. Today there are many other options for mobile printing opening up many more applications. An example is the [...]

Zebra Thermal Printers Improve Police Ticketing Efficiency

Zebra Thermal Printers Improve Police Ticketing Efficiency Nobody likes to see those red and blue sirens in the rear view mirror, but it does happen to the best of us. Getting a ticket is never a good experience, but the slow process of creating a citation and filling out the forms and submitting the ticket can [...]

Zebra Mobile Printers for This Rental Agency?

I am sure you have seen mobile printers used in many applications from car rental agency’s to restaurants, but this is a new one for us. The Zebra MZ320 printers are ideal for this application. These printers even work in the cold weather where this shot was taken. The MZ Series Zebra Mobile Printers are a [...]