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Experts with full line capabilities in barcode scanners, printers, software, portable data collection terminals and point of sale products.



On demand label printing, warehouse storage for blanket orders, service contracts and repair services on printers and scanning equipment.



Digital and flexo printing, 4 color process prime labels, digital die cutting, very large to very small runs, sequential, date coding, and data file printing, label solutions for complex applications, direct from the plant floor to your door.



Zebra Portable Barcode Printer ZQ51-AUN0100-00

$1,025.00 Click for price

Motorola Mobile Computer TC55

$1,179.00 Click for price

Dolphin 75E WIFI Wireless Mobile Computer Windows

$1,487.50 Click for price

Label Printer XC4 CAB

$9,075.00 Click for price

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Label Printer XC4 CAB

$9,075.00 Click for price

Motorola MC9500-K Wireless Rugged Handheld Terminal

$2,595.00 Click for price

8.5 x 5.5 Half Sheet Click n Ship Label Case

Regular Price: $89.19

Special Price $86.00

This Side Up Label, 2"x 3", 500/roll, 1" core

Regular Price: $15.34

Special Price $7.00


Motorola TC70

Regular Price: $1,869.98

Special Price $1,699.99



How to Maintain Your Direct Thermal Label Printer

2015-10-01 13:54:54

Using a direct thermal label printer for your business comes with many benefits, but without the proper care, you might find that some of your printing either comes out faded, blotched, or unclear While a printhead to a direct thermal printer can last a long time, proper cleaning will help keep it from getting damaged before it reaches the end of its life cycle READ MORE

What Should You Add Alongside Nutrition Labels?

2015-09-28 11:25:51

The FDA has some guidelines for businesses to put on nutrition labels, as outlined on their website From calories to serving size, to nutrients, nutrition labels are important to share to your consumers READ MORE

In-House Uses for Label Printers

2015-09-17 13:33:52

Buying and choosing a label printer for in-house use can be a daunting task, especially as an important company asset But  incorporating a label printer in-house can solve many logistical and time challenges for a growing company READ MORE

3 Reasons to Invest In Label Rewinders

2015-09-11 18:32:01

Whether you print a small or large volume of labels, label rewinders can prove to be an effective tool for a better printing experience Here are three reasons why you should add a label rewinder to your workplace, as well as some of our rewinder recommendations READ MORE

Rule of Thumb When Buying Barcode Labels: Match Quality Over Quantity

2015-09-09 16:08:50

When it comes to shopping for barcode labels, there are various qualities that you need to take account of: How strong should your adhesive be? What types of environments does your label need to withstand? What's the projected longevity of your label? We've gone over various labels by characteristic in the past, but we also know it can be overwhelming to keep track of each characteristic and find the best match So what's the best starting point to finding the right barcode label? Our rule of thumb: match quality over quantity READ MORE
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