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4x6 Barcode Labels, Thermal Transfer, 4x6 Label, Case

4x6 Barcode Labels, Thermal Transfer, 4x6 Label, Case

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4x6 Barcode Labels, Thermal Transfer, 4x6 Label, Case
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Barcode Labels

4 inch x6 inch Barcode Labels, Thermal Transfer label, perforated, permanent adhesive, 8 inch OD, 3 inch core, 1,000 labels per roll, 4,000 labels per case, sold and priced with 4 rolls per case. YOU MUST USE RIBBON WITH THESE LABELS

Thermal transfer printing is one of the best methods for producing free format, on demand text and images. The reason is because this process utilizes low cost printers and media (labels & ribbons), high image definition, quiet printing and rapid print speeds. Thermal transfer printing is more permanent than many printing methods because it makes use of a ribbon which is melted or fused into the face-stock (label or tag). A prime example of a thermal transfer tag is a UPC tag on a garment. Direct thermal printing is less durable because no ribbon is used and the face-stock is coated with a heat reactive chemical which allows an image to be inch burned inch into the material. Unfortunately, this also makes direct thermal stock susceptible to a yellowing or browning condition when exposed to UV light or heat. A good example of a direct thermal label is a common bakery label.

When selecting ribbon length for these labels, the chart below can help determine the optimal ribbon length. See our barcode ribbon selection to add to our order of labels.

10,000 4 inch x 6 inch labels w/ 985 ft ribbon

1) Convert feet to inches} 985 feet x 12 inches = 11,820 inches

2) Calculate Repeat}6 inch label + .125 inch gap between = 6.125 inch

3) Divide length by repeat} 11,820/6.125 inch = 1929 labels per each ribbon

4) Calculate for amount of labels} 10,000 labels/1929 = 5.2 ribbons

Always round up so you are sure to have enough ribbons, in this case order 6 ribbons to print your quantity of 10,000 4 inch x 6 inch labels.

For additional Barcode Labels, see our full selection under Thermal Transfer Labels on the left navigation.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Adazon
Printer type Thermal Transfer
Configuration 3 inch Core
Label Material Paper
Color White
Label Width 4-4.99 in
Label Length 6-6.99 in
Width (in) 4
Depth (in) N/A
Height (in) 6
Adhesive Permanent
Perforated Liner Yes
Wound Out

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