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Information on Barcode Labels

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Barcode Labels

Barcode labels can be really tricky to match up for the proper application and for the proper printer. This page is designed to help in that understanding of which bar code label is right for your system. Here at Adazon, we pride ourselves in providing the correct product for the right application the first time, so our customers are not chasing returns trying product until it works.

Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels: Thermal Transfer

Barcode LabelsThermal transfer barcode labels always use a ribbon to imprint the image onto the label. The way it works is that the printer has a print head. The print head heats up as the label and ribbon pass through. As the printer print head heats up, it melts the wax from the ribbon, onto the label. This makes a more permanent image on the label because it thermally transfers the wax to the label and will not fade. These labels are used for product labeling, location labels, asset labeling and any other type of labeling where the label will still be in use 6 months to a year from application. You can find these thermal transfer barcode labels by clicking here.

Barcode Labels: Direct Thermal

Direct thermal barcode labels do not use a ribbon. These labels are placed in a printer by themselves and usually cost a little more that thermal transfer ribbon. There are 2 main types of direct thermal bar code labels. There are coated and un-coated direct thermal labels, where the coated labels will not fade a quickly as the un-coated. These labels get the image directly from the print head on the printer. The heat from the print head heats the label to have the label react and make a black mark where the print heads temperature marked the label. Because the label reacts to the heat of the print head, it will also react to heat from other sources. That is why this label is used for more temporary applications, like shipping labels where the label is only used for a few days. Over time these direct thermal labels will fade. To find our direct thermal barcode labels go to this page by clicking on this sentence.

Barcode Labels Searching

Here at Adazon we stock many brands of labels and we also custom make labels for barcode use or just product branding with 4 color process. We can also put your logo on any thermal transfer bar code label or direct thermal bar code label to help your company make a statement. Take a look at our site at and you will see we have tag stock for printing barcodes on tags that have no adhesive, we have label and ribbon kits, Laser Labels, and even the old fashioned pinfeed labels. This provides the wides options for our customers. Also, let us know if you would like us to custom make your labels for product marketing or barcode labels to make your products compliant with the major distributors you may be selling to.

Other AdaZon Products

In addition to their sizable selection of barcode labels AdaZon also has many other great products including printers, scanners, label re-winders, tape guns, laser labels, data collection devises and more. If you would like to learn more about AdaZon and all of the different barcode labels or equipment they offer, please visit today.