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Cordless Scanners

Cordless Scanners

Adazon carries a wide range of cordless barcode scanners that make it easier to scan items that may not be so easy to get to -- such as when you need to reach over or under product to scan and need extra reach. Some of these cordless scanners use Bluetooth technology to give you a greater range and free you from the checkout counter, desk, work bench, lab desk or any other workstation where you need precision scanning but sometimes need a little more room to maneuver.

We carry several models and types of cordless barcode scanners, such as linear image scanners and 2D image scanners, as well as their batteries, base chargers, charger cradles, screen protectors, cables and other accessories.

A cordless scanner won’t free you completely -- you still need to stay within range due to the limitations of the cordless scanner’s reception -- but they do make it easier to perform scans without the restriction and inconvenience you’d get from a regular corded scanner.

Browse our collection of cordless barcode scanners today, and find the scanners that will help improve convenience and efficiency in your workplace!