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Wireless Terminals

Wireless Terminals

Wireless barcode terminals allow you to have a greater degree of mobility as well as real-time updating in your warehouse operation. We carry several models of Honeywell® Dolphin Wireless Scanphones and Wireless Mobile Computers, as well as mobile barcode terminals from Datalogic®, Janam® and more.

These terminals perform live updates directly to your ERP system, so you always have the latest data to work with -- increasing both the accuracy and the efficiency of your operations.

Of course, as with any wireless system, wireless access points are required to be located throughout your facility, and Adazon can help with site studies to determine how many of those access points will be necessary. For field applications, many of the wireless barcode terminals we carry also work with 3G or 4G data communication to extend their reach.

Take a look at our wide selection of mobile barcode terminals, and see which models are best for your needs. If you have any questions before you place your order, we’re happy to help -- just give Adazon a call today!