When buying barcode ribbon, it’s important to get quality ribbon that will not only stand up to high demands of printing, but also give you quality barcodes consistently, time after time. In addition, you want your printhead to be clean, in order to print quality results and avoid printing problems during your jobs. IIMAK’s Clean Start ribbon is hoping to provide a dual solution for ribbons and printers: with its unique quality and cleaning technology, it is the perfect solution for high-volume printing companies. Here are 3 reasons why it is the perfect fit for your thermal transfer printer.iimak Clean Start Barcode Ribbon

1. It cleans and prints all-in-one. The Clean Start ribbon itself is built into your chosen ribbon to clean the printhead right before you print new barcodes, by first locking Clean Start and pulling it through the printhead at the start of each new ribbon. The result: you’ll get clear barcode prints and a clean printhead in only 6 seconds.

2. It reduces the need of solution-based cleaning and maintenance time. Instead of spending time carefully cleaning a printhead with a solution, Clean Start cleans the printhead with little time, and without a liquid cleaning agent. This not only saves you matienance time, but also reduces downtime or reprinting time when the printhead fails to print clear barcodes.

3. It’s free on IIMAK’s ribbons. Clean Start is applied to all IIMAK ribbons, giving you extra value on a quality ribbon. With its different colors and ribbon types, you’ll have the advantage of a self-cleaning, quality ribbon every time.

Seeing the results of Clean Start will convince you to buy Clean Start ribbon for your printing jobs. To learn more about the ribbon and see its results, contact us.

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