Barcode ribbons are used to update inventory, track products, identify materials and increase security. These simple, easy to use barcodes reduce errors and improve daily operations. By using on-site printing equipment, your employees have access to the information they need almost immediately. This prevents delays in shipping and speeds up production.barcode ribbon

Whether it is in the warehouse or back in the office, it is important that your barcode ribbons are legible and durable. High humidity and excessive handling can make the information unreadable, so using the right ribbon coating is necessary.

Economy Wax Ribbon

The most common barcode ribbons are the economy wax ribbons. They are inexpensive and multipurpose. Economy wax ribbons are used for shipping labels, storage labeling, and retail or warehouse labeling because they can be printed on a small, affordable, handheld printer. They are easy to “load” and print with a clean clarity necessary to relay information at a glance.

Wax Barcode Ribbon

Wax barcode ribbons produce high-quality results that transfer easily to coated and non-coated thermal transfer labels. They resist fading and produce excellent scannable printing for both infrared and visible light. Wax ribbons provide quality results on hard to use stocks and make great tags that endure tough handling.

Wax-Resin and Resin Barcode Ribbon

Wax-Resin barcode and resin barcode ribbons are stronger and resist scratching from extensive handling. The high-quality print works well with synthetic stocks and offers long-lasting durability. The temperature of the print head needs to be higher for these barcode ribbons in order to produce a clean, clear result. That allows these labels can handle temperature fluctuations and high humidity without smearing or smudging.

Flexible Packing Ribbon

Flexible packing ribbons work with a variety of printers and offer clear, lasting imprints that impart valuable information to handlers from the warehouse to its final destination. With a variety of colors, printing sizes, and printer types available, it is easy to give your employees the tools they need to perform at their best.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are also known as barcode ribbons.

The most popular printing technology available to-date is the thermal transfer ribbon. Thermal transfer technology provides a way for businesses to mark information on a product’s packaging or shipping label. Typically, these markings include bar codes, expiration dates, product numbers or logos. The use of a thermal transfer ribbon to create a product’s printed data is a noteworthy staple of a successful business.

Fortune 500 companies know that merchandise’s appearance is vital. A product’s outward appearance defines the contents inside. If the packaging is not appealing a consumer may decide they do not need it, even if they do. Due to this dire fact, entrusting your label or packaging details to a thermal transfer ribbon is mandatory. Thermal transfer ribbons provide consistent results that are legible and efficient.

One of the best quality thermal transfer ribbons on the market, IIMAK’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons, is a grade above the rest. These transfer ribbons work well in the textile and electronic industries due to their resilience. IIMAK’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons are notorious for producing high-quality data under rugged conditions, such as printed circuit boards. IIMAK’s ribbons continue to produce legible data in extreme temperatures and after exposure to abrasives.

The proven results of IIMAK’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons makes them the ideal candidate for any electronic or textile business. If you are in need of a Thermal Transfer Ribbon designed for your specific industry, contact Adazon Inc today for samples. We offer a wide variety of Thermal Transfer Ribbons to meet all of your packaging and labeling needs.


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