Sometimes the most costly business mistakes are the ones that seem the smallest, then later end up wreaking havoc on the efficiency of your business.

In too many cases, printhead maintenance isn’t considered a priority – it’s often just an afterthought.

Until, of course, something goes wrong.

The majority of thermal printer manufacturers stress the importance of regular preventative maintenance. If you’d like to make the smart choice and get ahead of efficiency-crushing problems like this, consider switching to a barcode ribbon with printhead cleaning functionality. cleanstart barcode ribbon

Our barcode ribbons are equipped with Clean Start®, a revolutionary printhead cleaner that’s built right into the ribbon – no extra equipment or gear necessary.

If you like efficiency, you’ll love Clean Start®. The cleaner takes only two steps to set up, and the steps are so dead-simple that you’ll only have to spend about six seconds doing them for each new ribbon.

First, you lock your printhead. Second, you pull the printhead cleaner through.


This ridiculously fast procedure will aid in the prevention of debris buildup throughout your entire print run, meaning that you’ll not only extend the lifespan of your printhead, your barcode labels and text will be nothing less than crisp and sharp. Take a look at the dramatic difference between a clean printhead and a dirty printhead.

Since the printhead is generally the most expensive consumable in your entire setup, we’d like to think that preventative maintenance should never be just an afterthought – especially when Clean Start® makes it this easy.

If you’d like to learn more about printhead maintenance, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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