Believe it or not, but IIMAK has come out with a new economical ribbon choice for standard applications. TSW200 Economy Ribbonhe SW200 ribbon is the new wax thermal transfer barcode ribbon developed do deliver dependable quality and consistent performance, and best of all – It is “Made in the USA”!

This ribbon provides a reliable, economical solution for standard TTR applications where the printing is on a standard paper TT label at a reasonable print speed. This ribbon also includes the proprietary Clean Start® print head cleaner which has proven to prolong the life of your print head.

To summarize some of the benefits of this ribbon, it is priced to compete with the imported ribbon flooding the market today. This ribbon is “Made in the USA”.  The ribbon includes the print head cleaner “Clean Start®”. This ribbon is in stock and will ship the same day.

Barcode Ribbon

More features to understand about this ribbon are that it will handle some of the most basic printing applications where cost is a real factor. The ribbon has a remarkable blackness to its print quality. Customers can print at low heat setting reducing energy consumption and reducing stress on the print head.  This ribbon will also work on rough to smooth coated papers as well as flood coated labels. The maximum print speed is 10 inches per second (ips).  And did we say, this is “Made in the USA”?

Some of the target applications for this ribbon include:  shipping labels, shelf bin labeling, warehouse inventory marking, work in process tracking, and retail labeling.

A few technical stats, if you’re into that kind of thing, is that the film thickness is 4.5 Microns, total ribbon thickness is 8.1 Microns. The transmission density is greater than 4.0 MacBeth Scale and the ink melting point is 67°C/152°F. Scratch and smudge resistance is considered low to medium.

OK, well there you have it, a brand new product from IIMAK that hits the price point of imports. Make sure you check out the product on our website and if you would like to test a FREE SAMPLE, just let us know and we will get it right out to you.

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