When working with barcodes,

it is imperative that your business has one or more barcode scanners. These scanners will read and decipher whatever barcode is printed and send the information to your computers. There are several different types currently available for your business. It is up to you to make the decision as to what your scanning needs are, and which type of barcode scanners would be the most effective solution for your company.

Pen-type scanners. These scanners are in the form of a pen or wand that you run across the barcode in a steady motion. It generates a waveform that is then decoded in the same manner as Morse code.

Camera readers. These barcode scannersconsist of tiny video cameras that take an image of the barcode. The user then deciphers the code using digital processing techniques. This is also the newest form of the barcode scanners.

Laser scanners. While laser scanners work in the same manner as the pen-type scanners, the light source of a laser scanner is a small laser that automatically scans the barcode, using mirrors or a rotating prism. The user need not run the laser across the barcode.

CCD scanners. The fourth type of barcode scanner is also called an LED scanner. They use hundreds of tiny lights to measure the ambient light of the barcode to scan it.

Barcode scanners are sophisticated machines, and understanding how they work is important to understanding how to use them properly.

Proper use means a more efficient workflow.

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