Using self-adhesive labels can provide many long-term benefits that you may not have thought of. For many, it has become so commonplace, while others resist the whole idea. Here are a few reasons why you should consider having some self-adhesive labels handy around the house:self-adhesive labels

  • Efficiency. This is a big one. Instead of having to constantly jot down your return address on the envelope, why not just stick a label from your cache that you keep in your desk drawer? It takes one more hassle out of sending a letter.

  • Professionalism. There are times when professionalism is a must in your mailing etiquette. For example: mailing a resume. When sending your information to a prospective employer, being professional shows that you take pride in the details. A big way to do this is with self-adhesive labels. They make an envelope look sharp and organized, which is what you want the employer to think about you.

  • Security. Some of us do not have very good handwriting. Our mail is left in the hands of the mail carriers, who may or may not be able to read your handwriting. Printing out the address on a label gives you the peace of mind that your letter will get where it needs to go.

It’s amazing how many people overlook the advantage of using self-adhesive labels. Think about purchasing some. You’ll recognize the benefits immediately.

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