Baking By Bar Code

Imagine trying that delicious new recipe you are dying to try, but just cant make. What if by simply scanning a barcode label, a machine could now cook for you. Seattle based Salton introduces a new era of kitchen technologies that make this possible.  Salton’s new line of hi-tech kitchen accessories includes, Microwaves, Bread-making machines, Coffee makers and more. All of these products will be designed with built-in networking capabilities, and even a wireless hub that can manage all of these appliances from anywhere in the house!Baking Labels

The most exciting gadgets so far seem to be Salton’s “Beyond Bread Maker & Beyond Microwave”. Both appliances offer internet connectivity, hard drives for recipe storage as well of course, as the ability to now cook food by only scanning a bar code, using Salton’s unique barcode scanners.

Salton’s “Beyond Bread Maker” requires little human help, in fact the “chef” must only add the ingredients into the machine and scan the bar code of the selected bread. The Beyond Bread Maker can prepare an assortment of breads and cakes correctly, and ships with over 100 recipes already preloaded, although more recipes can be found online and downloaded directly into the machine. Each recipe just needs its own Bar Code recipe, and that’s it.

The Beyond Microwave comes ready to ship with over 4,000 boxed food recipes, as well as a learn function that allows users to create and store directions for custom foods.

With a price tag of only $150, the Beyond Bread Maker and Beyond Microwave won’t break the piggy bank, while offering a whole new world of ease in the kitchen. Imagine being able to cook bread or cakes in the kitchen, and all with the ease of a bar code scan. No more looking for recipes or trying to remember how to make things.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more developments for these futuristic kitchen appliances that will change the way you cook forever. Salton’s will continue to research and development more commodities that can take advantage of the bar code.

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