LXE- The MX8

In today’s ever-demanding retailer market, retailers have become more and more technologically demanding, processing more information than ever. It’s a great thing the LXE MX8 barcode scanner is there to keep up with them. The new MX8 is LXE’s smallest, lightest and most efficient handheld computer to date. This handheld computer is built tough, for even some of the harshest industrial settings,Barcode Scanner

the MX8 is built to last. The MX8 ideal for many common data-collection tasks, and is a cost effective choice whether on the retail floor, or in the warehouse. This means, that no matter where the job takes place, the MX8 is ready to take on the task. This handheld computer can do standard range 1d and 2d bar code support, and a vibration confirms a good scan or a failed scan. The LXE MX8 is built tough enough for even the most scan-intensive environments. A brilliant 2.8″ (71mm) 240×320 QVGA TFT color LCD backlit screen provides crystal clear viewing, even in the most dimly-lit areas that normally are hard to read. With built in Bluetooth® 2.0, along with a wireless 802.11a/b/g radio, the MX8 can be used from anywhere inside the warehouse or store without cords, and with the security and safety of Bluetooth®. This allows complete mobility and freedom to move throughout the warehouse without hassle.

Not all scanners are as tough and efficient as the LXE-MX8, and this means that this scanner is the best of the best. It’s engineered for all-day comfort yet tough enough to endure day-to-day operations. Best of all, this high-quality and durability is available at a great value. The MX8 computer ships voice-ready with ToughTalkTM technology, a specialized combination of LXE’s trademark rugged system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise-canceling techniques – for industrial-grade voice logistics applications. With the new Windows CE® operating system, coupled with a high-power processor, allows smooth and easy navigation through a variety of options and programs, as well as providing a smooth user interface. The MX8 is also built to withstand most temperatures and minor drops within the warehouse or retail floor. Temperature rating as follows,
Operating: 14oF to 122oF (-10oC to 50oC)
Storage: -4oF to 158oF (-20oC to 70oC)
The MX8 was tested at 4ft drops onto concrete to display the rock-hard design.

And with such versatility, the MX8 would make a great choice for many Grocery stores, Retailers, and any company who needs a tough, durable, reliable Barcode scanner that has all the features and none of the drawbacks of Barcode scanners. The MX8 is the way to go if you’re looking for a barcode scanner that works as hard as you do, and is built to last.

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    This is an intriguing blog which has as much details as we can discover from it. I will suggest it to all my friends and family I tell. Better yet I will post on this blog in my social media website. Thanks a lot with this blog.

  2. John Barth Article Author

    There are many configurations you can get on this unit. If you get a dock and use the Blue Tooth, then the data can drop into any spreadsheet you have open as you scan. You can also batch these units so the data will go into a spreadsheet when you cradle the scanner. If wireless, then it is like the Bluetooth. If you are doing more then just dropping the data into a spreadsheet, you can buy different software programs that can manage inventory or assets.

  3. Dawn Penner

    I am looking for a barcode scanner that I can enter a quantity into and also scan the barcode and then connect to a computer and transfer the data. Do you carry anything like this.

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