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  Has managing your warehouse become a harder and slower process over these past few years? Every manager knows that keeping track of inventory efficiently is important to maintain sufficient inventory levels, but with some software these days the cost can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. To improve efficiency, without the high cost, try the new Honeywell Dolphin

barcode software

7600 series inventory tracker. Out of date technology can be large problem, and the Honeywell Dolphin 7600 series, along with RedBeam inventory tracking, is your solution. With a compact ergonomic design, contoured, narrow body with an integrated finger saddle and angled image engine for comfortable one-handed use. Designed and built for toughness and durability, as well as Bluetooth wireless capabilities, the new Honeywell Dolphin scanners are quick and tough no matter where in the warehouse you are. And with barcode software at an affordable price, you could be running your warehouse in less time with more efficiency!

Lightweight and built for the worker who is constantly on the move, the Dolphin 7600 features the data collection and communication capabilities that will keep up with your business and keep you connected to employees, as well as to their customers and their supply chain, empowering them to work smarter. And with RedBeams inventory software, you gain the ability to collect data on scanner-enabled mobile computers, such as the Dolphin 7600. The software includes unlimited mobile computer licenses for compatible mobile computer models. Keep asset records up to date and periodically take a physical inventory of assets. Data fields include barcode ID, location, department, maintenance, purchasing, warranty, lease, deprecation, information technology and 15 other user definable fields.

Real-time data exchange allows the Dolphin to do quick and easy management, and voice communications on-site or off allows fast communication to anybody, anywhere, plus Bluetooth for efficient wireless connection to peripheral devices. The battery powers an entire work shift of use, delivering uninterrupted data processing for enhanced worker productivity and reduced battery replacement costs. Saving time and money, the Dolphin 7600 series is the smart choice for the small business that needs technology to keep up.

With the ability to increase productivity around the workplace, and priced at an affordable cost, what’s stopping you from getting barcode software and Honeywell’s Dolphin 7600 barcode scanner? With such easy-to-use tools at your disposal, managing your company’s warehouse will be easier, faster and more efficient. To find these products or ask any questions, please visit Adazon Inc. today!

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