Lab labels are an important part of any pathology lab. But without the proper practices, an incorrect approach to labeling can be detrimental to identifying and tracking specimens through chemical baths and cryogenic applications. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some common mistakes in lab labeling. Xylene Resistant Labels

Labels that are Handwritten

One thing that you want to make sure you are avoiding when it comes to labeling in your pathology lab is writing out your labels by hand. It may seem like the easy and most convenient solution but it can be harmful to you in the long run. Handwritten labels are simply just not as reliable as thermal transfer labels as they can smudge, fade or be difficult to read. Do yourself a favor and do not write your labels by hand. Use a thermal transfer printer to achieve a quality and legible label.

Not Using the Right Label for the Joblabels for laboratories

Another common mistake is using the wrong label for the job. In pathology labs, you need labels that resist Xylene solution baths yet still can hold a barcode for tracking. These labels must hold up to their specific environment and still perform the job you need them to perform. In order to get the correct label for resisting Xylene, alcohol, and hematoxylin baths, it is critical to match a label that will not change colors with chemical dies and will not deteriorate under the harsh chemical baths the soak in. It is also critical to match the label material with the proper barcode ribbon so the ribbon will not wipe off or rub off in the chemical baths. This is a very tricky matching process because both the labels and ribbon have to also be matched with the printer. For the best results, a thermal transfer printer should be used for making these impressions.

Forgetting the Barcode

Yet another mistake that you do not want to fall prey to is forgetting your barcode. When it comes to a pathology lab, you will need to use a 0.875″x 0.875″ label for tracking and monitoring specimens, cancer cells and other research that is applied to a pathology slide. Tracking is more critical than ever and barcoding is the best means to accomplish this. Barcode integrity is only achieved when the proper label material and barcode ribbon is used in making the label.


When it comes to your labeling needs, and meeting the requirements of pathology laboratories with Xylene, alcohol, and hematoxylin baths, along with Cryogenic adhesives, Adazon Inc has you covered. If you have any questions about labels for pathology labs or any other labeling solutions we provide, please contact us today.

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