Don’t let would-be customers convert to competitors’ products before they’ve even heard of yours!

In the era of Ebay and Etsy, every person tired enough of the rat race to take any risk at all is seeking to turn ideas into products and products into a paycheck.  Not convinced?  According to Forbes more than 543,000 new businesses are started every month! Some ideas are excellent and some are downright rotten. For those entrepreneurs wondering how sub par products are surpassing their own excellent wares in sales it is likely that there’s an important factor being neglected in the product marketing plan.

That factor that makes all the difference in converting clients? It’s called brand recognition, and preprinted custom labels boost brand recognition in a more effective, less expensive way than other common options.  Why? Because labeling your product directly with custom labels is “…a way to keep your brand in a home for months or years,” a method guaranteed to give you the most bang for your marketing buck according to Branding Magazine.preprinted custom labels

There are other ways to get give your brand longevity in the homes of consumers, primarily business cards and advertisements, but are there better ways?  Not a chance.  The age of physical business cards and print advertising is nearing its end. New digital alternatives are aimed at “…eliminating stacks of cards on people’s desks…”  and experts at Business Wire  warn that today’s business climate is filled with “…merchants challenged to reach customers.”  Custom labels stand out as the best remaining way to keep consumers focused on a brand for more than a few fleeting seconds.

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