Many small to medium businesses are using FedEx and UPS as their preferred shipping method and the issue arises about the Click n Ship labels from time to time. Questions like, where do I get printed custom labels for FedEx, or can you make a FedEx barcode label for us? Click n Ship labelsWell this label is not a label that you can preorder as printed custom labels. FedEx barcode labels are generated from the on-line shipping system found at the FedEx web site or within a shipping system that is set up to ship FedEx orders.

In order to make your preprinted custom labels with the FedEx barcode on the labels the user must first create an account on the FedEx web site. Once an account is generated, login and create a shipment. In order to create a shipment you will need a shipping location, the weight of the package or packages and the number of packages. Also, if extra insurance is needed, add the value of the shipment. At the end of the shipping process, a popup window appears that requires you to print the FedEx barcode labels for your shipment. Before you print your custom labels,

make sure there is label stock in your printer.

For many small businesses, the preprinted custom labels are made on the office laser printer or inkjet printer. If this were the case, then the FedEx barcode labels would be preprinted custom labels for the laser printer or inkjet printer. This custom label is usually on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper with an adhesive label stock on the surface that can take the laser toner or inkjet ink for a clean image.

The most common laser label sheets for Click n Ship labels have a slit in the center of the sheet. These custom labels are also called Click n Ship labels because they refer to the USPS click n ship process for generating custom printed shipping labels in laser and inkjet printers. The Click n Ship labels is really any label that is on a standard sheet size with a slit in the center for shipping labels.

When the FedEx barcode labels are printed, the top half of the sheet is the label that will be used on the packages that are being prepared. The bottom half of the label contains instructions and is just discarded. This process does have some waste due to the fact that the bottom half of the FedEx barcode label is being discarded. Another way around the waste is to enhance the FedEx shipping method.

As the business grows, an investment in a thermal barcode printer becomes a wise choice. By adding a thermal barcode printer, the FedEx barcode labels can now be printed directly from a FedEx software system to the dedicated label printer creating printed custom labels on demand. The printer requires labels that come on rolls and feed one at a time through the printer. Making the transition from a laser printer to a thermal printer makes printed custom labels a breeze. This type of label printing will eliminate the wasted label that is seen with the laser label sheets.

The quantity of shipments a business ships per day will determine the need for using just a plain sheet of paper for the FedEx barcode labels that would be taped to the packages, laser label sheets where one of the labels is discarded for every shipment, or thermal barcode printing for printed custom labels at high quantity and high speeds.

The thermal barcode method is the least expensive means of making FedEx barcode labels in quantity.

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