Well, not the color green, but environmentally friendly green instead. Our NEW Thermal Transfer labels with a natural liner may hit the mark.

Is it more environmentally friendly?craft liner labels

YES! Our new Thermal Transfer Natural Liner features an Unbleached Natural Brown Kraft liner (NL) versus our standard bleached liner. The NL liner offers an improvement in the area of sustainability or environmentally friendliness. This is due in part to the following:

* Lower energy consumption in natural pulping process than bleaching.
* Eliminating bleaching chemicals results in lower waste-water emissions.
* Natural pulping process generates greater fiber yield than bleached pulp.

Take advantage of our special green environmentally friendly 4 X 6 Thermal Transfer labels with a Natural Liner and SAVE.

4X6 Perforated

4X6 Non-Perforated

Save green and be green all at the same time.

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