There is a new product in town and for the direct thermal label market this is a real winner. IIMAK is short for International Imaging Materials, Inc. and they have put together a new product with the help of 35 years of R&D experience in the direct thermal label industry. IIMAK is a major supplier of thermal transfer ribbon and films to the barcode industry and this direct thermal label product is a perfect fit for them.Direct Thermal Label- Clear

IIMAK’s new TF200C film will let your packaged products show through by using clear direct thermal films that can be converted onto rolls that fit your printer. It’s much clearer than current “translucent” films, offering excellent clarity when applied to a package or product substrate. TF200C is also up to 1 mil thinner than standard films, adding more material to a converted label roll for higher yields. This allows the converter to put more material on a roll so the user will not have to change rolls as often.

Remember from other articles here that the TF200C is a direct thermal material that does not use a ribbon when printing. This material reacts to the heat from the print head to make the image. These types of labels are ideal for food labeling and custom confectionery packagers.


What type of uses are there where a clear direct thermal label might work? Pre-packaged foods are an ideal opportunity for these labels that comes to mind. Often packaged in higher end containers that have clear plastic covers, a white label blocks the contents and can look rather dirty after handling. Consumers looking for a quick lunch can’t see how delicious that lemon-chicken pita looks!

Any retail labeling on product boxes or containers that have the manufacturers colorful branding can be a great opportunity for this label stock because the clear stock will not detract from the expensive packaging developed my the manufacturer to market the product.

Other applications include Pharmaceutical Labels, Frozen Food and Meat Packing, RFID, Fruit Labels, Healthcare/Medical Wristbands, Durable Receipts, Ski Passes, Sporting Licenses, Shelf Labeling, Garment Tags, Bar Code and Inventory Labels, Carpet Tags, Temporary Phone Cards, and much more.

These are just a few application ideas for TF200C that really brings value to your customers. What other applications can you think of that need a clear label? Add them to this blog in the comments below.

Direct Thermal Questions Answered

Can I purchase finished direct thermal labels from Adazon?
Yes. We buy master rolls of this product in varying widths to convert them on our presses. We then supply the finished product – die-cut and preprinted as required. These are for custom labels and the product is not stocked on the shelf already converted. We make these to order so there is a 7-10 business day lead-time from order approval to order shipment.
I need a specialty adhesive. Can Adazon provide custom pressure sensitive constructions?
Absolutely. We have access to over 25 permanent and removable adhesives and a variety of liners to meet your specific applications. Just ask!
How did IIMAK get involved in direct thermal?
IIMAK hired a direct thermal chemistry expert with more than 35 years of R&D experience. This, combined with IIMAK’s unique capability to coat thin films, delivered new premium products that meet market needs through converters like Adazon.
About TF200C Direct Thermal
· 2.0 mil polypropylene
· Clear, Topcoated
· 1.42 RD Image Density
· Print Speeds 2-6 ips
· Standard PS size 30″ x 5,000′

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Capitalizing on this their thin film coating capabilities, IIMAK has engineered and introduced a unique clear direct thermal film that provides the highest level of clarity on the market today. At 2.0 mil, IIMAK’s new TF200C direct thermal film offers significant cost savings compared to competitive clear films. Durable topcoat enhances scratch resistance, adds moisture resistance, and reduces yellowing from UV exposure. Additionally, TF200C’s surface is very receptive to flexo printing, so static information and colors can be preprinted. Consider color tinting the adhesive to create unique product appeal!

Below are the specifications of this material:Direct Thermal Label Specs

Product Specifications

Roll Specs
Max: 2 splices/roll
Supplied on 6” core (820mm centered)
Film Size
780 mm wide x 3500 m long (+/- 10%)
(764 mm wide coated)
Caliper 2.0 mil
Film Color Clear
Image Color Black
Storage Conditions 20º – 30º C <80% RH
Shelf Life 18 Months

Technical Specifications

(Coating Adhesion)
Ultimate Tensile Strength, kpsi MD 20
Elongation to Break, % MD 140
Image Density 1.42 RD
Print Speed 2 – 6 ips
Smoothness 10 – 20 (30 max)
Base Film is FDA approved for food contact.

Now that you have all the details, give us a call to place your order for this new clear direct thermal label material made to your specification and custom art if needed to make the impact on your product that customers will notice.

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  1. Nathan Mitchell

    I am looking for Clear Polyethylene self adhesive labels that will work in a Direct thermal or Lazer printer.

    8.5L x 2.8W
    8.5L x 2.0W
    10.0L x 4.25W
    10.0L x 3.25W

    Quantity of 5000 each size

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