Pre-Printed Labels: the Perfect Solution for Your Business Start-Up

If you are attempting a new business start-up, you most likely understand the importance of good branding and a professional image. You want to stand out as a professional and competent company. You also need to work as efficiently as possible. Adazon’s pre-printed labels can help you with both of these things. We would like to take a brief moment to show you how.

Good Branding and a Professional Image

If you are selling a product such as a food item or cleaning product that you created, labeling is an important part of making that product your own and looking professional. Our pre-printed labels can help you with this as our labels come expertly printed and will make you stand out as a professional, competent business. A good first impression can go a long way.

Efficiency and Convenience

It is true, you can always print your labels yourself but we know you are busy and need to spend your time creating products and finding new customers. We can save you time and money by printing your labels for you. We can also print barcode labels for you which will help you easily track your inventory and sales and optimize your efficiency and profit.

If you are looking for a way to standout in your industry and increase efficiency and profitability at the same time, Adazon’s pre-printed labels can help.

Does your label have a variable component to them? If so, the most economical way to make these labels is for Adazon to create the static pre-printed information and put it on a label that you can print the variable information on using a barcode printer. Here is some information on the printer you can use to obtain this low cost label.

The Legacy of Zebra Printers

If your company relies on quality bar-code labels to market your products, brand your image, or even keep your warehouse racks properly labeled, then you have probably heard of Zebra brand bar-code printers. Let’s take a look at a couple of their shining stars in the bar-code printer industry.

The 105 SL Plus is one of the most economical and reliable brands that Zebra carries. This is a Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Bar-code Printer. Not only does it come with a 203 dpi printhead, and Serial, Parallel, USB INT 10/100 interfaces, but it has 16MB of SDRAM on board as well. With this much ram and all of these connection options, this unit has the versatility to perform in warehouses, plants, offices, and many other locations. High performance is what this printer was designed for. Its all-metal components contained in an all-metal case are ideal for the demanding high speed applications of today’s industry. You can expect to see this heavy-duty gem of the bar-code printing world outlast the competition by years and years.

The Zebra ZM400 is part of the best-in-class Z Series. This bar-code icon comes standard with 203 dpi, ZPL, Standard flash, Power cord with US Plug, ZebraNet 10/100, and a ZebraNet Wireless Plus – Radio Card. This Printer’s features  can enhance productivity and is equipped with modern, flexible network connectivity. It can be easily integrated into almost any manufacturing, warehousing or business application. With this machine you can have labeling up to 4 inches wide which is delivered at 10 inches-per-second via a quick throughput. With RFID readiness the ZM400 has the option of 600dpi (24 dots/mm) resolution. It is designed with easy to operate enhancements that make operating loading, and maintaining the ZM quick and painless. What really makes this wonder of bar-code printing stand out is its ability to be upgraded. As your needs change, so can this unit!

At Adazon Inc, we not only carry the Zebra series, but also keep many other industry standard printers in stock. However we don’t stop there. We can provide scanners, label re-winders, bar-code ribbons, and even custom labels. If it involves labeling, we can do it! So contact us today and find out how we can meet all of your labeling and printing needs.

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