Sewn-In Barcodes

Have you ever bought a new couch, or bed and noticed the little label that says “It is Illegal to remove this tag”? Well, it’s actually not illegal for the end-consumer (you) to remove the tag, however it is in fact illegal for the manufacturer to remove that tag before the product is sold. Now barcode labels are being put use to keep your household furniture legal.

Because of this law, manufacturers needed to find a way to label their products with small tags, that wont effect the product or without becoming a hassle. In the search for durable, washable, legible and rugged tag that would fit this bill, the answer is the Intermec Duratran II Synthetic Tag.

Preprinted Barcode Labels This tag most commonly contains a unique barcode label for the furniture companies, allowing an quick, cheap, efficient way to become IABFLO complaint, as well as easy inventory stock checks.

The Duratran II Synthetc tag, which has been tested and approved by the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials (IABFLO), providing a safe and durable way to properly label mattresses, pillows, and other household items.

Without this approval, there can be large fines given by the Federal Government to furniture companies.

The Intermec Duratran II Synthetic tag offers a smooth finish and best in class thermal transfer print quality, eliminating barcode scan failures. In addition, the tags are very easy to sew, ensuring manufacturers that their existing equipment will be compatible with Intermec’s material, despite the extremely high tear strength of the tag. In addition, the tags offer:

Excellent print quality that outperforms many competing products

Competitive pricing

Thermal transfer printability

Support for high resolution barcodes with crisp graphics and fonts

For more information regarding the Intermec Duratran II Synthetic tag, you can learn more at today!

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