When working in the restaurant industry, and supplying restaurants, keeping fresh product is paramount to keeping customers. It only takes one bad experience with one customer to lose a lot of business through word of mouth, even potential customers. While it is impossible to control every aspect of every customer’s experience, one thing that is simple to control is the freshness of the food you serve or deliver.food labels

Of course, rotation is key to this process, but you need to keep up-to-date labels on your inventory so you can track the age of the food in your inventory. Only in this way can you make sure that you are using the oldest product on your shelf, making certain that your inventory gets used in the “First In, First Out” manner.

This can also help you track your sales and adjust your ordering practices so you aren’t keeping too much of some product that isn’t selling. We also can create custom labels that can help market your foods to your customers, and keep your inventory flying off the shelves.

Also, health inspections come once a year (if not more often), and food labels are one of the major things they check. If your labels are out of date, or missing altogether, all your inventory goes in the garbage. This is the kind of loss that no business owner wants to absorb. You need to protect yourself from this by having the labels that you need.

Observing Food Labels

So from reading above, there’s no doubt that food labels are a very important part of the industry. Not only do they help customers know about the item they’re looking to buy, but they’re also essential for food regulations as well. With that said, what are some dangers that come with food labels? Even when items are labeled properly, what should customers be aware of? Here is what to take into consideration.

First of all, always remember that even if the ingredients on the back of the product seem healthy, that doesn’t mean they are. Not to mention that any other labels on the product aren’t always indicative of how healthy the item is. For example, just because an item is fat free, doesn’t mean it’s not filled with other unhealthy ingredients. When it comes to food labels, it’s also important to remember that the first ingredient on the product is always the most important, and that’s what the food item mostly contains. Lastly, always be sure to read the fine print when looking at food labels. While the ingredients are never “hidden”, per se, you might accidentally skim over them if you’re not careful.

For more information about food labels, as well as the dangers that are associated with them, feel free to contact us today at Adazon Inc. We are targeting customers that need labels to market their products, brand their image, and also to label the rack in their warehouses. We also sell all of the equipment to print their own labels like barcode printers and color printers. We look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in the best way possible.


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