Good news to all who suffer from a serious case of paranoia. There are a lot of people who are just so scared of buying meat and vegetables without asking where they are coming from because of fear that they may get something contagious or would ingest bacteria that came from a far away land.  Worse, people are just so scared of purchasing products from an unknown origin with the fear that they’d get Ebola or other viruses that can kill.  This paranoia is actually something we should all feel especially with different cases of products being imported from other countries that are contaminated and sometimes they are too contaminated that they become quite deadly.

Milk from China had caused such an outrage just recently because of the melamine content that they added to give the impression that their milk has high protein value which in turn had killed and caused illness to thousands of babies.  There are many different cases like this that could be prevented by having label stickers with information as to where the products are coming from. This way, it is much easier to isolate the said products once a report has been made.  It is easier for a supermarket to remove questionable products because of these sticker labels.  When a certain consumable item is reported, the consumer and the supermarket itself would know which products should be avoided and removed so that the effect of contamination would be reduced.

Everything that is coming from other countries will have their very own label stickers. This way you’d know if your apple, milk, lettuce, sugar, coconut, durian and other fruits and products were imported (if ever they are) from a safe country especially when there is an ongoing report about a certain country exporting goods that are contaminated with something.

These custom labels had been approved back in 2002 and it’s just recently that adding label stickers finally took effect.  These are custom labels where each country will have their own label stickers for their different products. These labels need not just be in a form of label stickers but they can be a placard, a sign or anything that would inform a buyer as to where the product came from.  Milk, frozen or fresh fruits, fish and all meats and vegetables will have these sticker labels or signs except for organ meats.

These custom labels would benefit both the buyer and the farmers especially the U.S. farmers who had originally requested for this because they believed that consumers would be more happy knowing that what they are eating are actually grown in their country.  Now, because label stickers are now around, they are very happy and they applaud the measure stating that by having these custom labels or label stickers the consumers are given valuable information and they have a better choice of which ones to buy.

The implementation is ongoing but a spokeswoman of Hy-Vee supermarket believes that for the next six months the enforcement would be quite slow. Hy-Vee supermarket, on the other hand, plans to have sticker labels on most of their meat products and other products as stated as soon as they can.  Other supermarkets will implement this too especially because you can really never be too sure about the products you buy and consumers have the right to know if the food they are buying are actually safe to eat or not.

Now, we have the better option during our grocery shopping.  When buying your groceries, it’s better to check out the labels of the foods you buy and it’s better to be alert of the world problems especially if there are products being distributed by a certain country that are suspected to be dangerous to your health.

Now, you are a lot safer but it’s still really up to you to choose wisely. These sticker labels are your friends and it’s great that we could finally ask our favorite grocery store to follow the implemented rule about labeling but if we don’t watch what we buy and if we don’t read what those cute label stickers say, then you are still as vulnerable as without them.

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