Label rewinders automatically collect labels on a roll as they leave the printer. Although a rewinder can be used for small or large printing runs, they are ideal for larger batch printing applications. Here are 3 ways using a label rewinder saves your business time and money.Label Rewinder

  1. Label rewinders increase productivity by saving time. Without a label rewinder, someone must gather labels by hand. The time spent doing this is time that could be spent performing another productive task. A label rewinder collects labels on a roll while your employees work elsewhere. When the print run is over, the roll of labels can be removed and the next job started immediately. By allowing you to better target payroll usage and by reducing down time, a label rewinder saves your business money.
  2. Label rewinders reduce waste. A label rewinder gently and accurately guides labels into a neat roll. There is no risk of labels being folded, twisted, or otherwise damaged when piling up on a floor or table. No one has to inspect the entire label run to check for damaged labels, and then perform another run of replacements. Reducing wasted labels increases profitability, saving money in both labor and materials.
  3. Label rewinders increase the efficiency and organization of your workplace. Used with a barcode (or thermal) printer, a label rewinder provides your business with a large-batch labeling system that can fit on a table or counter top. The ability to gather printed labels into neat, tight rolls directly from the printer frees up space that would otherwise be filled with your labels. The “set-it-and-forget-it” approach can be used with a label rewinder; once the rewinder is running, the process is automated. The small footprint of the printer/rewinder combination lets you place it where your business needs it most, from the design department to the production floor.

Adazon carries a broad range of Labelmate® label rewinder machines, from the smaller 3-inch core Labelmate® MC-10A MINI-CAT to the Labelmate® CAT-40G-SA-10 CAT-40G, capable of handling label rolls as wide as 10 inches and as large as 16 inches in diameter.

Adazon can provide you with the label rewinder that meets the specific needs of your business. For more information on finding your label rewinding solution, please contact us.

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