Barcode Readers for the Law Enforcement Agencies & Public Safety Environments

The Barcode Industry has helped the law enforcement community through out the years to gather information more efficiently and effectively. The use of the CR2 and CR3 wireless or cabled barcode has help in eCitation, eCrash Reports, Roadside Checks, Chain-of -Custody and Asset Tracking Networking.

The code reader uses digital imaging to read barcodes and Dynamic Optimization Technology (DOT) to improve the performance of the resolution, illumination and imaging to ensure quality and correct data readings. The barcode reader uses firmware to read images and sends data to software through a palm-held devices or Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that is located in a police vehicle, or to a host computer at the headquarters or main office.

Officers use the CR2 and CR3 to read valid Vehicle Registrations, VIN Numbers, and other I.D. registries. The data is immediate to the police officers and the information is transmitted wirelessly via connection to a MDT or palm-held component. Moreover, the user friendly devices (CR2 & CR3) are very adjustable from jumping to different applications before scanning bar codes and other information. JavaScript prepares data to be read by other applications (for instance Aspen) without other programming for precise retrieving information.

People in the public safety environments and law enforcement use the CR2 & CR3 Barcode Readers to find Chain-of-Custody by reading barcodes of evidence parcel and I.D. badges. The real time date stamp is placed on each scanned item to insure that the CR2 and CR3 is accurate in supporting the process of reading and decoding information. The tracking devices help identify and locate barcode items by reading labels and tags to make sure that data is updated and properly recorded on the database.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Barcode Reader Features & Benefits

• Lightweight, compacted and ergonomically to the hand and for travel
• Digital imaging technology, chaperone by DOT, permits Code’s Readers to read all bar code symbols
• Two-way reporting enabling data to be received by officers from outside the police vehicle to double check ‘wants and warrants’ or find stolen automobiles
• Bluetooth transmission guarantees data will not be corrupted by any other Wi-Fi or wireless waves
• Cabled or wireless Readers provide use-case options for specific procedures
• Firmware prepares JavaScript for multiple software without other programs
• Updates are available to prolong the life of your Readers duration

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