We get requests from customers every day for a quick run of preprinted bar code labels. With the ability to ship the same day the order comes in, it is critical that the order comes in with all of the information needed to get it right the first time. We pride ourselves in same day shipping of custom preprinted labels.

The important information to pre-print bar code labels is to have the exact symbology for the bar code. If the customer is expecting a code 128 Auto and the GS1-128 (formerly named UCC/EAN-128) code is used, the bar code will not can correctly because it is using an application of the Code 128 (ISO/IEC 15417) using the ANS MH10.8.2 AI Data-structures.

Preprinted Barcode Labels

Preprinted Barcode Labels

Now that is a lot to digest. We work with many suppliers that have to bar code their products to go into organizations using Amazon labels, Grainger labels, JC Pennies labels, and more. Many large distribution companies have their own labeling format and require either the supplier (manufacturer) or a third party to make a special label to go onto the product so it can be accepted into their distribution system.

These companies do not all use UPC codes because they are considered business to business and it is not required. Besides, UPC coding can be expensive to buy a block for your product and maintain them with the GS1 organization. Companies like Grainger that sell mainly to businesses, do not require their suppliers to put UPC codes on their product and incur the extra expense of registering and maintaining the UPC code. They only require the manufacturer to put a 3 of 9 or Code 128 Auto on the product. No maintenance or extra fees with this strategy. Although there is a cost just to print the labels and apply them to the product. This cost is much less than the UPC process.

Contact us for your next preprinted bar code label run and we will make sure it is done right. Using the correct symbology and if it is a stock size, we can ship the same day.

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